McBride To World: “Relax, Everything’s Going To Be Okay”

Lots of strange things happen in Adlandia, for it’s a place populated by strange (sometimes wonderfully so) people.

Chuck McBride, heretofore to be known as Chuck McBlood, is one of the indsutry’s more high profile oddballs. Yesterday he made a mock horror video, apperently in reaction to news that he would be leaving TBWA Chiat/Day to form his own firm.
Ad Age calls it “an innovative alternative to the standard-issue press release reassuring employees and marketer clients.”
Of course, it’s all just a big bad joke. No art directors nor copywriters were harmed in the making of this video. Reputations are another matter.
McBlood’s message–that he killed the agency that supports him and his staff–is meant to reveal the absurdity of that claim. Sadly, the absurdity of the video overpowers the cleverness of the rebuttal.

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  1. That dude is crazy.

  2. He’s not crazy, he is a grandiose pretender.

  3. dietmoriarty says:

    Let’s see: he loses Adidas to 180.
    His inability to work with clients is making SF the joke of the Chiat network.
    He’s leaving to make a ‘creative supergroup’ before his chickens come home to roost.
    And then makes this incomprehensible piece of trash to further deflect his failure–the failure of Chiat/SF.
    And blogs take the bait. And the pubs take the bait.
    I expect more from adpulp, dude.

  4. I’m pleased to know we have such high standards. But, I don’t see this as AdPulp taking any bait. Rather I see us pointing out how ridiculous and conceited Chuck McBride looks.