Red, White + Blue vs. Red, White + Blue has launched an advertising campaign aiming to dissuade what it calls Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s core customers — Southerners and conservative Republicans — from shopping at the retailer., which was formed two years ago by the United Food and Commercial Workers union. The UFCW’s tagline is “A Voice for Working America.”
The first ad to air criticizes Wal-Mart’s ties to China. The ad alleges that Wal-Mart has contributed to the loss of American jobs by purchasing Chinese-made goods, proclaiming “It’s just not American.”
[via The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.)]

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  1. Still one advertisement trying to make China down through American’eyes and creating a virtual war between both countries. I am however very reserved of the impact of it as the commercial did not even mentionned what they are trying to achieve as final goal. China is therefore put on view in a very negative way ; Would be more fair to make a commercial explaning with concrete reasons why Wall-Mart should rebecome American or employ americans ; Turning things positively… not destroying competitors.. U will loose the game for sure.