Real Life Mad Men Taken To Task By Good Doctor

[via Bluffton Today]

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  1. If that’s the way he feels about advertising, well then, I sure hope he didn’t vote for George W. Bush.

  2. As a member of the “motivational research” community, I have one thing to say to the good doctor: “oooOOOOooohhhooohhOOOOOOOO….I’m controlling your MIND! YOUR VERY MIND!!?!!!!!”
    “Now go make me a ham sandwich.”

  3. re: Danny G
    What? Bush is a God-fearing public servant with a strong moral compass.
    Oops, there I go again…just an adman making shit up.

  4. and since when are the characters in Madmen being held up as people to be admired? is he watching the same show?

  5. You guys sure this isn’t an ad for the show?

  6. @Yikes: I was thinking the same thing. That this was too over-the-top to actually be real.
    Either that or his lifelong nemesis is an “ad man.” Maybe the guy who stole his wife? I mean that sort of anger isn’t normal.

  7. It’s real. There are moralists in every pulpit. And the good doctor has a point, does he not? Sure, it’s over the top. But the core of what he’s saying has merit. American culture is choking on its never ending hunger for more things. And ad men and women are in the fight, everyday advancing the cause of “More. More. More.”

  8. Well chaps, it seems we’re not appreciated by the good people of Bluffton, Ohio anymore.

  9. Bluffton, South Carolina (between Savannah and Hilton Head)