Real Biscuits Come From A Deep Hole In The Sand

Carl’s Jr. and its ad agency David&Goliath are not shy, and they are not afraid. Which is good, because this new ad for the chain’s “Made From Scratch Biscuits” could be considered anti-Southern.

The brand’s gentleman from the past says, “As you can see, I’m from the South.” Then he bows to the hole in the ground from whence he emerged, as if to say it’s not China down there, it’s 19th century Dixie (or worse).

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  1. If they weren’t trying to make fun of the South, then the least they could’ve done is cast someone with a genuine southern accent—or the ability to fake one well.

    That guy’s fake southern accent is almost as bad as Jaime King’s on The CW’s “Hart of Dixie”. Or Paula Deen’s.