Reach MySpacers Where They Live

MySpace is making display advertising easy for bands, local retailers, or anyone else hoping to connect with an audience on the hugely popular social network.
According to Ad Age, MyAds which debuts today allows advertisers to spend as little as $25.
The service helps advertisers to upload their creative, choose a budget from $25 to $10,000, and then select from targeting options, including sex, age, geographic location, and user interest categories.
A local band could target MySpace-using music fans in a certain area, for example, or a filmmaker could reach fans of a certain movie. Those campaigns can then be tracked and analyzed wherever they are placed throughout the MySpace ecosystem.
Jeff Berman, MySpace ad-sales president, believes local advertising will be an eight-figure business for MySpace.

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  1. Why $25 min? Google adwords lets you advertise for as little as $.01.