Radiohead Has Heart

Getting the precise music to fit your spot is one of the tricky but crucial steps in making a commercial, video or film. According to Ad Age, the
National Coalition for the Homeless got extremely lucky when the directors of their spot sent Radiohead’s management a cut featuring the band’s music. Radiohead decided to donate the song’s use, which the band has never done before.
[UPDATE] According to commentators on Adfreak, Radiohead has in fact given it up before.

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  1. Radiohead or no radio head, has the plight of the homeless changed over the years? Does social networking have anything more that they can over the homeless than what is being done?
    Well, maybe. Since most are in urban areas with wifi, if they all had a free ipod touch or Nokia or whatever (insert major electronic brandname) wifi device, it could change things?
    And before someone say: that’s stupid… how would they recharge it…
    I’d say to that person, really? they have never been homeless if they don’t know how to find a free plug in.