Radio Personality, Bob Knorpp On Camera. Yes, He’s A Longhair!

As you may know from previous reports here, Humongo Nation is an annual tour by Connecticut-based agency, Humongo. The team travels around in a Ford Flex and stops in to see various ad people along their route. People like BeanCast host, Bob Knorpp, in Greensboro, NC.

Knorpp breaks some interesting news in his segment, which starts at 5:36 minutes in. He says he’s starting another podcast in conjunction with Ad Age. He also outs himself as the heretofore anonymous Tweeter behind @bogusbogusky.
I also like how Knorpp says he works to give back to the ad community with his show. “It starts a conversation, not just among the guests, but also among the listeners.”
Speaking of sparking conversations, Humongo blog Brand Flakes for Breakfast, is being guest written while the crew is on the road, and one of the posts put up last week by @dabitch is something we discussed on The BeanCast last night.
Here are two very different takes on how best to respond to the environmental crisis unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico:

While neither ad is compelling from a craft point of view, I did defend the UnFucktheGulf effort for reaching beyond the typical rhetoric we see over and over again from environmental groups.
Green messaging needs to evolve if it’s going to impact a larger segment of the American population. I salute UnFucktheGulf for bringing some righteous anger to the YouTube party and for understanding that t-shirts sell better than stand-alone issue-oriented outrage.

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  1. Interesting that both Gulf videos were released around the same time, yet the UnF_ck version has significantly fewer views—by about 200,000. Celebrities and a positive message draws more people?

  2. Are you counting the plays on

    as well?

  3. sorry, didn’t catch that. but the numbers still look a lot better for the celebs. maybe jesse james was watching his ex 24/7.