QVC on Viagra

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What is Honeyshed? Andrew Essex, CEO at Droga5 told Adweek last spring, “It’s based on the idea that people love brands and don’t mind being sold to if it’s completely transparent. We like to say honey is the content and the shed is the community.”
Publicis Groupe’s stake in the company is 51 percent. The $20 million venture is being run as a separate entity with its own profit-and-loss statement.
[UPDATE] I had to remove the embedded movie file from above because it played automatically at each opening of our home page, which breaks every rule in the “put the user in control” book. I’m sure it has to do with Honeyshed’s need to collect more plays, but at what cost? I, for one, will never take an interest in spreading their content again.

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  1. My fav part of that was the line, “This product doesn’t cause warts or anything.”
    Quite a selling point.