Putting Up Walls

If you’re a street artist looking for a blank canvas, Diesel wants to cut you loose on a big wall in Berlin, Germany. The jeans maker is asking artists to submit ideas for the public space via their Temporary Art Award promotion.

Following two triumphant assaults on the 360M2 Wall in the center of Milan, Diesel is now looking for radical talents to take up the challenge of the Diesel Wall Berlin with more abrasive, demanding shapes of expression.
Situated in Oranienburgerstrasse N. 65, near Tacheles Cultural Centre in the hip part of town, this 500M2 of pure potential offers a controversial platform for young artists to realize their vision that will be seen by hundreds of people a day.
But don’t just think bigger. Think texture. Think shape. Think depth. Climb out of the box and lock it behind you. The only barrier is your mind.

About David Burn


  1. Yawn. Seems like the whole ‘our product inspires creativity’ thing again. Which is never very believable. A lazy way out.

  2. Not bad.
    No branding, no product involved. Just a huge, empty wall. Look at what they did in Milan. As far as I know, Diesel and creative minds have always walked together.
    If this is yawn….

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