Put A Target On Your Butt

Without a doubt Target, a.k.a. “Tar-zhay” is an iconic brand, on par with Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola. Much of the discount retailer’s brand advertising has crossed over into art. Now, the logo is crossing over into high end fashion.
According to the Washington Post:

Target Corp. has licensed its bull’s-eye logo and name to consulting firm Brand Central LLC for use in a new line of high-end clothing called Target Couture. Select pieces range from a pair of $140 skinny jeans with a glittery bull’s-eye on a back pocket to a $3,185 gold-and-diamond bull’s-eye necklace.
Target’s red-and-white logo “has really become sort of a symbol of cool,” said Ross Misher, chief executive of Brand Central.
But don’t expect to find any Target Couture at actual Target stores. The line, launched last month, is sold only at the hip Los Angeles shop Intuition. After the summer, it will expand into other boutiques and high-end department stores across the country.

A click over to Intuition’s site reveals that Carmen Electra and Anne Heche are sporting the new line.

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  1. theo kie says:

    True, Target’s managed a somewhat remarkable feat of combining cheap and fashionable. But are people really going to put that logo on their butts? (If nothing else, this is one example where the logo really is too big.)