Pushing The Buttons Of A Fussy Child

I don’t surf the mobile web, but Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 does. Thing is, he’s not fond of the experience.

I’ve had it with all the hype about mobile being the next big thing — more to the point, I’ve had it with the mobile web. Here are five reasons why the web on the go still has a long way to go.
1. Wireless carrier networks are SLOW
2. Public WiFi access is a SCAM
3. Sites aren’t formated for small screens
4. Mobile device screens are too small
5. Advertising gets in the way
I have no doubt that the mobile web will eventually mature — just like Web 2.0 will eventually grow up. But for now, it’s still a fussy child

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  1. Agree with him wholeheartedly.
    About the only thing I use my Blackberry’s wireless internet for is to look up a sports score or an address if I’m out in the middle of nowhere.
    And Google Maps Mobile is pretty cool too. You can find where you are and then search for stores (Starbucks, gas stations) nearby. Invaluable on location scouts when you’ve managed to lose the production company van because your art director never f-ing pays attention when he drives. (Not that I’d know or anything, just speculating)