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Mountain Dew is morphing into a studio.
The beverage brand’s new Skateboarding documentary, “Deathbowl to Downtown,” follows the rise of street-skating in New York’s shifting urban landscapes from the ’70s to the present. The film took three years to make. Yet, the brand only appears at the start of a film, in the same way a movie studio is credited before the cast and crew credits roll.

According to Ad Age, the movie, set for a limited theatrical release before going to DVD, will sport additional brand-related content in the DVD’s extra features. Participants in promotional contests will also get a chance to win free gear and ride with skate legends.
“We hope to get inside the culture and tap into the influencers,” said Frank Cooper, VP-flavors, Pepsi-Cola North America. “We want the Mountain Dew brand to not only symbolize the culture, but to participate in it by having something of value to say and to bring,” Mr. Cooper said.
My jaw’s on the ground. Cooper and PepsiCo get it. Big time.

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