Pun Alert

Good writers detest puns. But that hasn’t done a thing to deter businesses from deploying them.
The latest entry comes to us from Las Vegas, where Sexxpresso is now serving up some hot coffee.
For more on this emerging trend, see this news segment from Seattle.

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  1. HowieSchultzer says:

    It’s ESpresso not EXpresso. I’ve been trying to educate people on that for years.

  2. …which makes the pun that much worse

  3. anybody see IDIOCRACY? looks like the starbucks prediction might come true.

  4. You know what, I like puns. I’m not afraid to admit it. Most of the time they’re done poorly (like all headlines) but sometimes they’re the right answer. Just because “good writers” once said they were taboo, everyone immediately jumped on the anti-pun bandwagon. Just like all those other stupid creative bandwagons that we struggle so hard to break away from. Just something to think about.

  5. Tom,
    a concise, intelligent, hard hitting pun is something to slope 4.