Puma Shows Its Retail Face

Do you ever enter a hip retail store and the people working there look like they just stepped from the pages of a fashion mag, and you think you could never talk to them, because they’re too damn pretty? Well, PUMA wants to make the hotties in their stores more available to you.
For instance, Jessica in New York City’s Union Square store will help find you a timepiece or pair of running shoes, but she has her own needs. Watch:

So, if you’re the New York boy next door, run down there and check out the merchandise.
The fact is it’s difficult to drive people to retail. Price is a good motivator, but so is the experience waiting on the other end. What’s it like to spend 20 minutes in a PUMA store? Well, here’s a clue in video form–video that can be passed around the Web, like a sexually transmitted disease.

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