Publicists Run Wild In LAh

According to The New York Times, winning an Oscar isn’t just about the quality of a film. It’s about the studio’s ability to successfully market the film.

Even here in Hollywood, recent growth in the public relations machinery is cause for remark.
Executives have publicists. Stars have publicists. The tiniest movies will arrive in April at the Tribeca Film Festival with publicity teams, often three or four of them. Sometimes, it seems, even the publicists have publicists.
At Fox Searchlight Pictures fully a third of the company’s executive roster is assigned to publicity or promotions.

Maybe we could try this in Adlandia. The work can’t speak for itself. Don’t be quaint.
Plus, think how many jobs we’d create if every hot CD, Group CD and Executive CD had a publicity team working relentlessly to reel in a Lion.

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  1. I heard ‘Fred + Farid’ actually had a publicist. Might be just a rumour, but it’s something I wouldn’t doubt a few peeps have done.