Psalm 9:2

I was a bit startled to find the above leave behind when it was served with my on board breakfast yesterday morning en route from Anchorage to Seattle. I realize the US is a Christian nation, but there’s a line here that Alaska Airlines willfully crosses. Their only out is the fact that this Psalm could be, and likely is, an intentional literary reference to the great state of Alaska (Denali means “the high one”). Even so, seeing a brand use scripture in this way could offend believers and heathens alike.

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  1. I survived 16 years of Catholic education and the above leave behind surprises me. The Denali reference/connection would be lost on many.

  2. David Cross did a bit once about flying Alaska Air and getting a prayer with his meal (late 90s, they still did meals). I’m guessing it may be a religious-family started or owned airline or something.
    Not my cup of tea, but realistically, it’s not like they’re a state-run airline, so they can do whatever they want.

  3. How exactly could using scripture “this way” offend believers?

  4. If you believe scripture is sacred text, then using it to help sell travel is a crass move, at best.