“Protect The Football” Is A Great Call To Action

Protect the football (from homebrew, wheatgrass, babies any environments that doesn’t work for watching football). That’s the new message from Buffalo Wild Wings and its ad agency, Fallon.

Interestingly, some homebrewers are pissed at the brand. One commenter on YouTube said, “You should learn to make good wings before you pick on the people that have taken the time to make good beer.” Another humorless homebrewer wrote, “As a homebrewer that makes GREAT beer, FUCK YOU.”

No word yet, if parents, or fans of wheatgrass, are equally humorless.

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  1. Q: What does “Protect The Football” have to do with the content/context of any of these spots?

    A: Absolutely nothing. Someone fell in love with the idea of this tagline and then ran it straight up the middle, breaking through the defensive line of constructive criticism, protecting the tagline at all costs as if it were the football.