Proof That $200 In Linkbait Works

Gaebler Ventures is a business incubator and holding company with an emphasis on seed-stage and early-stage investments. The Chicago-based partnership has invested in companies since 1999 and has established numerous innovative and market-leading enterprises.
Which is all fine and good, but what will surely be of even more interest to AdPulpers everywhere is the fact that there is $200 hiding in plain view on the firm’s website.

I hid $200 somewhere on my site today (November 18, 2006), and if you are the first person to find it I will send you the $200.
I’ll admit it. This is a simple attempt to promote this site, a site for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Once the $200 has been found, I will put a note at the bottom of this page, letting you know where it was and who found it. Then, before too long, I’ll probably hide another $200 and keep doing this every so often for a while.

If you don’t like the ploy, blame it on PubCon. That’s where Ken Gaebler picked up the idea.

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  • DrinkBait

    Nice. I spent about 200 in drinks at PubCon and ended up getting a few hundred links so far, including some sweet home pagers from A list SEO bloggers.
    Not a bad play eh? BTW- I LOVE the idea of hiding money on the site. Great outside the box thinking!