Guest Post: Promotional Marketing – Digital/Mobile

This article is written by Henry Walker of NDL Group, a leading promotional marketing and competition management business.

Capturing the attention of consumers using promotional campaigns is nothing new; it has been a robust tactic from some of the world’s greatest brands for decades. Consumers are only too happy to enjoy loyalty schemes or test their luck in competitions with attractive prizes. However as marketing evolves at an exponential rate; new and clever ideas are emerging on a daily basis. Online marketing has completely changed traditional marketing, allowing for more intelligent targeting of your audience, and providing a more insightful evaluation of your results. However, the advent of the smartphone has changed the game.

Potential consumers no longer need to be sitting at their PC or with their laptop to access their favourite websites and applications. With a smartphone sitting in the hands of the majority of teenagers, youth brands are perfectly positioned to promote their brand direct to their target audience. The bulk of smartphone users predominantly use smartphones to email or log on to social media sites, therefore marketing via these channels would be an intelligent way to begin. People are able to access the internet anytime, anywhere – meaning there is a greater chance of your target audience being exposed to marketing messaging.

Promotional marketing is very much at the forefront of mobile marketing, high-profile brands looking to reach and engage with users via text, apps and mobile sites. Today it is handheld devices, including tablets, that are becoming the most common way to access the internet; and can be used anywhere and at any time thanks to 3G (and now 4G) and WiFi.

Many consumers use their smartphone for social networking, which is why more and more brands are looking to explore how they marketing themselves effectively on social media. It can be exceptionally cost-effective (should it go viral through ‘word of mouse’). Within this arena, the visibility of your promotional campaign can spread like wildfire as just one competition entry or ‘like’ can be flagged to hundreds of friends instantly. And just like traditional online marketing, the results can easily be tracked, allowing for greater analysis and the chance to make more informed decisions for future campaigns.

However social media marketing should always be approached with caution as shameless self-promotion will only irritate fans and followers who don’t want to be subjected to the online equivalent of junk mail through their e-door. It’s more about building relationships and sticking to the 80%-20% formula – that’s 80% networking and socialising and 20% promotion.

Promotional marketing is just like any other form of marketing – if you shy away from digital platforms, particularly handheld devices, you run the risk of getting left behind. You should always be looking to embrace new, digital ways to attract custom, including mobile. If you’re interested in developing a digital prize promotion, NDL are on hand to offer expert advice and support.

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