Product Placement Gives Small Player Big Time Exposure

Boulder-based sparking juice company, Izze, somehow got its product into Brad Pitt’s fridge.
During Heineken’s 60-second Super Bowl spot starring the 41-year old actor, Pitt opens his fridge to find an empty sixer of Heineken, which leads him to head to the store for more. But he could have chosen another beverage–namely a pear-flavored Izze.
Reports indicate the spot, created by Wieden + Kennedy’s Amersterdam office, cost $3.2 million or $53,333 per second to run on Fox. Given Izze’s product placement lasted for about two seconds, the company received over $100,000 in free advertising (unless they paid for it).

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  1. Hi Adpulp,
    We didn’t pay! David Fincher, the director, wanted IZZE for this shot and his production team called me in late 04 to ask if he could use it. They would not tell us who the star of the spot was and also that it was inteneded only for European television. We signed a release and they called the week before the Superbowl to tell us it would air domestically during the Superbowl. We were very fortunate to be chosen by Fincher’s team. Thanks for riffing on us!

  2. Fincher must love that clean bottle design. Or the contents inside said bottles. Or both. At any rate, I’m happy to hear you did not pay. And thanks for taking notice of our coverage.