Product Love Takes Dangerous Turn

By Bryn Mickle and Kim Crawford of Flint Journal:
FLINT – Tony J. Young wasn’t about to lose his car again.
His 2003 Ford Mustang Coupe had been stolen before, so when it happened again Thursday morning, Young grabbed the rear spoiler and held on as the thief hit the gas.
Clutching the back of his dark gray Mustang, Young managed to call 911 on his cellphone as the car raced down snowy Flint streets.
“I wasn’t letting it go again,” said Young, 35, of Swartz Creek. “That car’s my pride and joy.”
Mustang love, however, nearly got Young killed.
His mother, Diane Gilmore of Swartz Creek, said she thinks Young would be better off with a different car.
“He’s got to get rid of that sports car. Everybody wants it,” she said.

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