Print, Take A Well Deserved Bow

Newspapers might be struggling, but print, particularly when it’s glossy and bound, is still a desired, trusted source for information.
According to Ad Age, new research by MediaVest suggests that readers trust print more than the web in almost every area.
Print’s fashion and beauty coverage took the trust prize by the widest margin, outstripping readers who trust websites more by 24%. Print coverage of food and cooking was more trusted by a 7% margin; print entertainment news was more trusted by 5%.
The web beat print for trustworthiness in one area: health and wellness, where readers preferred digital sources such as WebMD by 3%.
“Print offers something very, very unique, specifically around trustworthiness and authoritativeness,” said David Shiffman, senior VP-connections research and analytics at MediaVest. “The personal experience people have with it is very different from what they’re looking for and getting in the digital world.”

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  1. Print is a written contract with the consumer. All other media are not. That is why print engenders trust.