Now, we know why The Donny says he can beat up any CEO in the ad game. This guy is buff!
Oh, if you want to read all about how this image made it’s way into our ever-ready-to-bash-The Donny hands, you can do so here.

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    Man, David Hasselhoff’s really let himself go.
    I know there’s been a big kerfuffle about the art director responsible getting canned, but I think he got what he deserved. Like Donny or loathe him – and I fall squarely in the second camp – this was flat-out wrong. I wonder how many of the people who are taking Donny to task would react if embarassing pictures of them in too-tight Speedos were circulated on the Internet.

  2. While I would never have worn the Euro bathing suit, nor had my hair shorn in trailer park fabulous syle, for sure, I would be none too pleased to have such images floated around the net.
    Poor The Donny. I almost feel his pain.