Politics Gets Personal For Huckabee The Huckster

He hasn’t raised the most money, but Mike Huckabee can afford a real good camera crew. Can you imagine the on-set high-fives when some campaign advisor looked through the lens and said “Wow, the way you’re framed here in the shot, there’s a freakin’ cross plain as day in the background right next to your head!”
See the Huckabee Christmas ad here. He’s so smooth, it’s scary. Sounds like a lot of people are buying what he’s selling.
UPDATE: It’s even freaking out Donny Deutsch.

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  1. Watching FOX news with Bill O’Reily again, huh?

  2. Huckster is even saying right now “It’s not a cross, it’s a BOOKSHELF!” But it’s clearly obvious they were creating the appearance of the cross from the lighting around the tree and the shelf. That, plus he invokes the name of Christ in the ad. But what really tops it off is that now he’s denying any attempt to preach…
    Christ is allright by me (as is Mohammed, Buddha, Shiva, Baphomet, and the rest of the bunch) but i think any self-respecting deity would not be too keen on being used as a political stunt.

  3. “I’m Mike Huckabee, and I approved the art direction in this message.”
    Not sure why anyone’s upset. As another comment points out, the man is blatant in his Christ-related references. Even the decorated tree in the background is viewed by many to be a Christian symbol. All that’s missing is a cameo from the Pope blessing Huckabee’s campaign staff.

  4. At least this guy has some credibility when he appeals to the Christian right. Sure, it’s a political move, but in his case it’s not purely a political move.

  5. Carl LaFong says:

    Considering that Huckabee is a Southern Baptist, HighJive, I wouldn’t count on any cameos from the Pope.

  6. isn’t one of the founding principles of this country the separation of church and state? what happened to that? this country seems to be going backwards. it’s depressing and embarrassing.

  7. Yeah, but the Founding Fathers were a bunch of Jesus-hating liberals, apparently.

  8. Sorry, Carl, my theological ignorance is admittedly pretty extreme.
    Wow, veedub, you are naïve. You think Bush separates church from state? Even Hillary and the other Democratic candidates are visiting churches to rally the vote. You should catch Hillary and Barack preaching to the choirs, so to speak. The more I think about it, Huckabee isn’t doing anything different than any other candidate. Except maybe the Mormon guy.

  9. no HJ,
    i’m lamenting that trend in general. bush plays to that crowd but you get the feeling he doesn’t really mean it.
    i think it’s absurd and offensive. i thought this was a republican democracy.
    a mormon bishop and a southern baptist preacher running for president? whaat??? next stop theocracy.