Polaroid Slides Down Far Side of Bell Curve

Newspapers and record companies are experiencing the awesome power of disruptive technology, but not like Polaroid.
image courtesy of Look Closer
According to The Boston Globe, Polaroid plans to make only enough film to last into next year before shuttering its factories.
Polaroid chief operating officer Tom Beaudoin said the company is interested in licensing its technology to an outside firm that could manufacture film for faithful Polaroid customers. If that doesn’t happen, Polaroid users would have to find an alternative photo technology.
Polaroid has already quietly halted production of instant cameras. “We stopped making commercial-type cameras about 18 to 24 months ago, and we stopped making consumer cameras about a year ago,” said Beaudoin.

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  1. That’s a shame. But I suspect someone will purchase the technology and keep it going, if only for a small group of folks.
    I went to an art show recently and saw cool work from a woman who manipulates Polaroids while they’re still drying. True, you can do it with Photoshop, but this stuff was pretty cool.