POET Waxes Ethanolic

It’s an unusual approach for a company that produces cellulosic ethanol, but I’m intrigued by POET.

I like the attitude of these spots, and the facts at the end are very effective. Unfortunately, the setup of these spots mirrors much of our attitude about weaning ourselves off of foreign oil: No one seems to give a crap.

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  1. Nice one, Dan. I’d not heard of this company until now. “Part time scientist, full time poet” is solid copy. Rock solid.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been seeing these a lot because they play on MSNBC.
    My Iowan ancestors may curse me for this, but ethanol’s biggest benefit is that it gives presidential candidates a way to butter up voters in Iowa’s presidential primary.
    Ethanol is barely economically viable, only because of massive corporate welfare from states and the federal government. Not only that, it requires a ton of water to create (which is another diminishing resource) and quite a bit of petroleum-based fuels to make work.
    Ethanol technology may get better over time.
    But the only way we’re going to cut reliance on petroleum is to cut our driving and shipping. With as much government spending as goes to propping up the dysfunctional status quo, it’s simply not true we can’t afford conservation.

  3. Mark, that’s how I first saw this too– MSNBC. Sometimes a good ol’ 30-second spot can still pique my curiosity. And you’re right about Ethanol subsidies and Iowa–the road to White House starts (and ends for a lot of candidates) with the Iowa caucuses. But right now, Ethanol sure sounds better than Gulf full of sludge. POET’s timing is good in that sense.

  4. “But right now, Ethanol sure sounds better than Gulf full of sludge. POET’s timing is good in that sense.”
    I understand. I just wish somebody would be willing to say “Don’t buy a house two hours away from where you work” or “ride the bus when possible.”

  5. @Mark – Someone is saying it. His name is James Howard Kunstler. http://www.kunstler.com/