Please Put All Tray Tables In Upright Position

Photo by Jason Kottke

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  1. Why don’t they make planes like trains? Some of the seats facing each other. Table in the middle. Yea, you might have to look at your neighbor. That might be a good thing, if she’s 20 something and hot. Or not. But no trays.
    For short commuter flights they could have almost double decker seating like on a commuter train into the city. (Chicago) Then, maybe arrange storage like those minivans that fold up inside itself.
    Hey. I hinted at all this on Ernie’s blog, but Richard Branson never contacted me. OOPS I called him Mr. and not Sir. My bad.

  2. Oh my god, what a great idea! I might, just maybe, not HATE flying so much if these changes were made. GAWD! How hard can it be?

  3. I offered my services as a spatial relations (I did really well on those kinds of tests as a child) consultant, but no one emailed me. And I had even more ideas. See, my legs after a long flight always start to ache. Now if I had to travel budget class, and if I were sitting across from my travel companion instead of sitting next to her/him, they might let me put my feet up. Even better if they did a foot massage. Dang, I’d be a happy camper when I got off those long flights.
    Maybe someone will get a clue…and we will see some redesign. You know how information loves to be free… so maybe the thought is traveling around somewhere.

  4. What a capital idea. That’s a great spot for a long copy advertisement. There’s just so much time to kill on a plane.
    Love it. Next time I’m flying Pam to Europe, I’ll be looking for these.