Please Don’t Dominate The Rap Jack If You Got Nothing New To Say

The same Ad Age article that I just referenced mentions another brand-sponsored YouTube show called POPTUB. POPTUB purports to offer “YouTube stars, the best viral videos, undiscovered gems, and your favorite celebrities.”
YouTube Reviewed doesn’t care for the series.

Judging from their videos, POPTUB is about as in touch with YouTube as your mom.
Do we really have to watch yet another corporate-sponsored YouTube clip show come along and claim to present “undiscovered gems,” when all they really do is promote the same tired shit that is already sucking the life out of the site?
You all can’t be serious, right? Are you geniuses really doing a “ratings” review of the most viewed, most discussed and most responded videos on YouTube? Really? Sounds like a great fucking idea. I mean, it’s not like there isn’t already a MOST VIEWED, MOST DISCUSSED AND MOST RESPONDED LIST PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED ON THE SITE!

I could say something lame in POPTUB’s defense, like “there are no new ideas.” Except that’s not true. There are new ideas.

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