Photo Sharing 2.0

Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch loves BubbleShare, a new photo sharing site.

Toronto-based online photo sharing BubbleShare is just wonderful, and ridiculously easy to use. Their interface team deserves a gold star or something, because I don’t think I’ve ever used a site’s full functionality without consulting a single FAQ or other instruction.
The free service allows users to create albums of up to 100 photos each, with a permanent URL for sharing. Photos can be dragged and dropped to change the order, resized and a voice comment can be added. Comments are available for visitors as well as an RSS feed.
The only thing that BubbleShare is missing is photo tagging and tag search.

The site does benefit from a squeaky clean design and user interface, but no tagging seems like more than a minor oversite. Tagging is what made Flickr, Flickr.

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  1. Thanks for the comments!
    Can I suggest that Simplicity is what (is going to make) BubbleShare, BubbleShare. 😉
    We hear you and all the others about tagging, right now, its a nice to have… my mom doesn’t care for Tagging, but she does care about simplicity and ease of use. But stay tuned, it might show up sometime — in response to our strong users requests.
    Please check back again soon!
    – Albert, BubbleShare

  2. Sounds pretty cool. I think I may have to agree with Albert on this one at least for the ‘mom-factor’. The plugin for iPhoto is what really matters first when it comes to moms. Basically it’s a free version of Apple’s .Mac service that looks good too. Count my mom in, and grandma too!