P&G Goes Viral

The New York Times takes a closer look at P&G’s increasing embrance of viral videos that venture into subjects that the marketer wouldn’t have previously embraced, like one that discusses menstrual cramps:

The campaign started with small classified ads in newspapers around the country, which all carried the same eye-catching headline, “Men: Are You Suffering From Menstrual Cramps?” The ads directed readers to a Web site (menwithcramps.com), created by Kirt Gunn & Associates in New York, an agency that specializes in interactive campaigns.
The ads generated some discussion on blogs, Web sites like rollingstone.com and even a segment of “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” Next came the fake documentary, also created by Gunn, which presented a mock tale of how male cramps affected the course of history. Gunn also put up a second Web site, under the name of the faux institution supposedly studying the syndrome, the MacInnes & Porritt Institute (macinnesandporritt.com), which sought volunteers for its research.

Maybe it’s just me & my media habits, but it seems the only time I ever hear about these viral sites is when I read articles about virals–on marketing blogs and in newspaper articles like this. Am I alone in that?

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  1. Seems to me that some poeple’s idea of what and whats not viral is how insane you can be, and that’s just not true in my experience. I think poeple still respect smart, slick and entertaining advertising from big brands, not insane madness. It’s just my personal view, and I may be wrong, I may be insane…??

  2. you are not alone here. i run into the same situation as yours. i just wonder is it really viral or just something exchanged between marketing practitioners?

  3. Isn’t that how these videos become viral — through all kinds of media channels?