Pfizer F’s With Your Dreams

Last month the FDA approved Chantix, Pfizer’s new smoking cessation drug. According to Pfizer:

Chantix is unique because it … partially activates the nicotinic receptor and reduces the severity of the smoker’s craving and the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. Moreover, if a person smokes a cigarette while receiving treatment, Chantix has the potential to diminish the sense of satisfaction associated with smoking.

So? Well, for one thing: what a great account to work on. And second, which of the following side effects have you a) never heard of and b) is F’d up:

changes in dreaming

I’d love to take a crack at writing that disclaimer copy. “In rare cases, Chantrix can induce surreal dream states, similiar to the kind sufferred by William Hurt in Altered States. Do not operate heavy machinery while taking Chantrix. Do not act on messages delievered to you in altered dream states. Consult your doctor before taking Chantrix.”
For tips and advice on how to quit smoking, visit the Center for Disease Control.
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  1. “In rare cases, Chantrix can induce surreal dream states, similiar to the kind sufferred by William Hurt in Altered States.”
    Do not visit zoos, South American tribesmen, or Bob Balaban while taking Chantrix. Visions of Satan, Baphomet, and animal sacrifice may be a side effect. If your significant other transforms into an amoeba in your living room, please consult a doctor.

  2. Mark Ries says:

    What’s worse? Surreal dream states or lung cancer?

  3. As little as I sleep surreal dreams would be welcome. I have tried to quit about 10 times. heres hoping this works

  4. Lung Cancer ? Dont forget heart disease, vascular disease, COPD, and all the other wonderful things smoking causes. Bad dream ? I’ll get over it !!!

  5. My husband on day 33 without smoking using Chantix. No side-effects so far. He is 60 and has smoked since he was 12.

  6. Tommy Granger` says:

    I am on my first full week without having a cigarette. Chantix has eliminated my cravings. I do have weird dreams with restless sleep. I feel that this time I will be successful in quitting for good.

  7. Deanna Kelly says:

    Boy do you ever!!! None have been as disturbing as animal sacrifice, but they have caused me to shake my head in disbelief……….however, none have caused me so much distress that I have had to light up the minute I got out of bed or for the rest of the day for that matter.
    Just started my second week, and no hacking when I answer the phone.

  8. julie horton says:

    I took the drug, had weird dreams, nausea if I didn’t eat before I took the drug. Took the drug for 1 month. I have been smoke free for 32 days, after 20 years and numberous attempts to quit, i would take the dreams over the patch and the gum any day.

  9. why are you so concerned about your dreams?! they’re the window into your mind. if anything you should embrace this new found experience. you’re not smoking AND you are having a glimpse into your subconscious. who could ask for more?! what’s wrong with having a surreal dream?????

  10. I have been on Chantix for a mere 2 days and have already experienced very eventful slumber sessions.
    This is my fourth attempt at quitting. The first time I thought “cold turkey” was the answer. On the second attempt I cut back a cigarette a day until there were no more to smoke (quit for 3 mos.)
    Some years later, and now up to the most recent attempt before Chantix, I tried Wellbutrin. It started off hopeful, cutting me back from a pack a day to about half. Still I was not able to kick the jones completely and continued smoking until the Wellbutrin virtually had no effect (except for the awful itchiness it often causes patients).
    Although I was the most succcessful with the ‘weening process’ rather than the cold turkey, or the Wellbutrin I decided to try another method.
    This time around I got serious and sought further help. I found out about the Smart Shot . It is a pharma-cocktail of sorts injected into one’s lower hip. I left the Dr.’s office feeling drunk and rather goofy. It was still tough to detox that night but I can definately see how the shot helped me get rid of the overwhelmingly strong urges the first couple of days.
    Besides the Chantix dreamscapes, I belief it has helped me beyond the Smart Shot by allowing me stick to it for the long haul.
    Overall, I have not experienced any side effects from Chantix that I cannot tolerate. As for the nocturnal dramatics, I’m please frankly. I never used to remember my dreams.

  11. Wow, are the dreams weird or what! Not that I am distressed, mainly just surprised that I remember them at all. This is only day 5 for me but I can already tell that this may work. I can hardly wait for the cravings to stop completely, they are already greatly lessened. And, I am using their QuitNow website and this gives me a bit more incentive. Maybe this time I can stop and STAY stopped for good!

  12. Ok, encouraging posts. I’m on the second day today of Chantix today. I was smoking 1 1/2 packs daily (35 yrs) and cut down to about 1/2 a day before I started the Chantix. Today, I woke up at 5:30am, kicked my son out the door for school, took my second .5 pill of chantix and went back to sleep. Wow! It was one continuous dream after another. I did wake up several times, especially during the first one, when a dog the size of about 8 inches was chewing on one of my fingers … LOL! One of the dreams was as long as a feature length movie. Very cool! Nice side effect, but on a more serious note, I hope it helps me to kick Mr Nico’s butt!

  13. jack ginsburg says:

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  14. Chutz Ponderosa says:

    Chantix Dreams – never a dull moment, here’s mine from last night:
    A pleasant fall evening my wife, our son and I embark on a walk, soon finding ourselves walking through a parklike setting. On my right a massive concrete wall with a grid pattern of stainless steel spikes arranged about every foot or so. On my left, a grassy hillside with hundreds of round concrete disks set into it. On each disk is a North Korean soldier, replete with giant military hat, and full dress regalia. Each is pointing his rifle at one of the stainless steel spikes on the far wall. Each is staring and focused on his spike completely motionless. We walk through this odd, parklike setting and arrive at a restaurant. Once inside I meet a woman I used to work with at a restaurant I worked at many years ago. She is dressed as if for a formal function in a cocktail dress and rather than selling food, the menu contains an extensive selection of massage oils and lighted vibrating ‘toys’.
    I woke up at this point, and decided I needed a glass of water, and a good laugh.
    I’ve been taking Chantix for 2 months now and have been completely smoke free – although i do suffer some nausea and flatulence, I can certainly recommend Chantix for quitting smoking. I’m 40 and have smoked since 17, previous attempts to quit have failed within the first week. After two months, I am still committed. I’ve even been able to play music in smokey bars without getting tempted.

  15. I’m 41, received a script from my doctor. I’m scared to try Chantrix!! Any help you can give would be appreciated.

  16. Just started smoking again after a 2 year quit!! Dr. recommended Chantrix. I found all the postings here to be helpful. It seems like crazy dreams are a side effect that most welcome rather than dislike. Looking forward to quitting for good AND the crazy dreams!!
    Thank for the input!

  17. Started taking chantix 3 weeks ago, first week I took the .5 mil and smoked my regular pack and a half a day. picked day 7 as my quit date then started my 1 mil tabs and havent smoked since. I had smoked since I was 15 yrs old, I am now 49, I have tried many many times only to fail within 1 or 2 weeks. I would always get very nervous and hard to live with, but while taking chantix I am not bitchy or nervous. I do think I have quit for good this time.
    I do… have weird dreams, but they are not terrible.

  18. I am on my 2nd week of Chantrix. Most of what I have read has been from smokers. I use snuff. I have been tobacco free for 3 days. The dreams all of you talk about are to me> friggin nightmares. I ain’t had a decent nites sleep in a week and am feeling lightheaded. Yes, it has calmed the craving, but what I would not give for the dreams and voices to go away while I am trying to sleep!!

  19. Deborah Stevenson says:

    I just had my first day of chantrix. Last night I had nightmare after nightmare after nightmare. I had been alerted to this side effect, and man it really kicked in! But I’m really hoping to kick this habbit – a friend of mine did it with chantrix, and that inspired me to try it.

  20. Anthony G says:

    This is day 16 no smoking. I also have noticed a decrese in cravings for other things as well.
    No dreams but life is allready too exciting

  21. I’m glad that at least a couple other people have said that the “unusual dreams” they are having are actually nightmares. I’m only on day 5, but the dreams/ nightmares are the only side effect I’ve experienced. The first one wasn’t so much a nightmare, it was just VERY frustrating – I was trying to explain my feelings to the family of 13 that I was a part of (my actual family is not that big) and no one would listen or acknowledge what I was even saying. In addition, my entire family was African-American, and I was not. Everyone treated me like I was different and that what I was saying didn’t matter. I woke up very frustrated. The second dream was HORIBBLE – I’m talking mutilated flesh horrible. And it seems that each time I wake up (which is quite frequently during the night) I go back to sleep to the exact same spot in the dream that I was at when I woke up. Last night’s dream was not terrifying like the night before, but it was very frustrating. Again trying to do many tasks, go many places, take care of many people and no one would listen or help me. I woke up this morning very frustrated. Glad to know I’m not the only one that’s not enjoying the dreams/nightmares. Anyone else find themselves waking up very frustrated or am I alone on that one?

  22. 2 more weeks and it will be 3 months. I had the dreams at first. It was amazing to wake up and then go back to sleep picking up where you left off. I found that eating early in the evening and then taking the 1mg pill right away helped reduce the dreams wildness. One night took one just before I closed my eyes. WOW! I’m 54 smoked for 40 years. I have not had a cigarette since my start day Oct 22nd.

  23. I am a 55 year old man who has smoked since age 15. I started Chantrix 9 days ago. I am currenly taking 1 mg twice per day. I immediately dropped from 1 pack a day to about 6 cigarettes. I am using the Chantrix and “weening” myself. I have definitely found the cravings to be lessened incredibly. In fact, I have gone hours without the desire to smoke, surprising myself that I didn’t have “the urge”. Then it is like the smokes are not satisfying. Has anyone else noticed that cigarettes taste different? Not in a good way either. I really think this is the answer for me. I have tried to quit 5 or 6 times in my life. I never made it past a day except once, when I quit for 3½ months. I used the patch and classroom encouragement to quit – but I went through sheer hell to quit. The Chantrix seems to make the withdrawals nearly unnoticeable. And yes, I have some weird dreams (not nightmares). What is great is that I actually remember the dreams, a I never remembered dreaming in the past. In fact, I thought I did not dream at all. Apparently I do! Anyway, I would highly recommend Chantrix to anyone who wants to quit!

  24. Ginger from Marina del Rey says:

    I just picked up my prescription. I found it interesting that no one mentioned that the weird dreams is also a side effect with Wellbutrin. I have “successfully” quit 3 times with Wellbutrin (smile). I’ve found not long after I stop taking the medication the cravings always came back. I’m hoping that will not happen with Chantrix.
    I found it helpful to drink some sleeptime tea before bed. It helped some. My aunt and close friend gave up on the Wellbutrin because of the sleeplessness and dreams. I am determined to get this nicotine monkey off my back so if I have to take something to help me sleep while getting through the process–no problem, The dreams with Cantrix cannot posibly be worse than with Welllbutrin.
    Would love to hear from anyone that has stopped taking the Chantrix and remained smoke free, or not!

  25. I’m a 24 year old male, smoking since age 14. Today is day 8 on Chantix, the day starting the twice a day at 1mg dosage. I had planned my quit day as today, but found during the last week that I was able to go longer and longer without a craving. After about the 3rd day, I wasn’t able to smoke more than half a cigarette without feeling like I’d smoked an entire pack. As of last night, I could stand no more than 3 or 4 puffs. Today went well, with only “twinges” when I engaged in what smokers in my office call “The Hot Zones” (places you would normally smoke out of habit, such as in the car, after a meal, etc.). I made the mistake of not eating with my dosage this morning for the first time. I’ve gotta say, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! The severe nausea was almost immediate, followed by dry heaving… not pleasant!
    As far as any other side effects, unfortunately, I’m on Levaquin (a relatively harsh antibiotic I’m taking for bronchitis), and a few heart medications, so they may be masked a bit… with the exception of the dreams! I’ve been having VERY vivid dreams since almost day one… Although I’m aware that we ALL dream EVERY night, I don’t generally recall mine unless they are particularly upsetting/exciting. These past 8 days, it seems as though I recall every dream, no matter how boring… It also seems as if I sleep very lightly for the first three quarters of the night, and VERY heavy through the last bit. Fortunately I’m salaried at work, so my late arrivals haven’t caused any problems, but it’s a bit embarrassing being late for work every day! I wonder, has anyone else had problems waking?

  26. I am on my first week of lmg Chantix and YES, the dreams are really wild!!!!!!. Also have a bit of nausea but find eating after taking helps. I am 43 and have smoked since I was 17. Was up to almost 2 packs a day and am now down to 1/2 pack some days even less. I do agree that when I do smoke it tastes different and I’m sure this is part of the treatment. Whatever it sure is helping me and I dont mind the dreams!!!!!!

  27. I have completed my 3 months on this medicine, and it is great. I have no urges to smoke at all.The dreams stopped for me around 2 months. Other then the dreams there wasn’t any other side effects. This medicine is a wonder drug!!!

  28. I pick up my Chantrix this afternoon. I am anxious and also have a sense of anxiety about it. Any suggestions?
    I am not concerned about the bad dreams but I do take herbal supplements and I hope they don’t interfere with the drug.
    Besides the strange dreams and nausea are there any other problems such as headaches?

  29. I started my first day/week today with the 1mg pill. I can already feel and taste the difference…There’s a strange metalic taste while your smoking and immediately after you’ve smoked. I have high hopes for this medication to help…as for those dreams…I’ll take those over lung cancer anytime.

  30. Does some health insurance policies cover Chantrix?

  31. I am on the second week (the 1mg week). I notice that as long as I am doing something I don’t crave at all but as soon as I get bored here they come. Most of the time it is just for about five minutes so not to bad. I would like to know if anyone that has quit, what was the longest you smoked before you finally put them down.

  32. I have been taking Chantix for 27 days. I noticed that the urge to smoke was reduced almost immediately and that the cravings have gotten fewer and farther between. I’ll admit that I’m still smoking 2 cigs a day now but they taste awful and not really satisfying. I have 1 trigger that is hard to deal with. I have a 40 mile commute to my employment that is boring and death defying all at the same time, hence the 2 cigs. Frankly I don’t really what the cigs! I’m going to make it to work in the morning without the smokes. If I can do that then I know I can really quit I am a 54 year old Male and was a pack and a half a day smoker for 30 years. I’ve tried the gum, the patches and even hypnosis and I can honestly say that Chatix has been more helpful than anything I’ve tried. Now a few things that’s been brought up in other posts. Yes I have had some crazy dreams every night since I’ve been taking the Chantix. It’s almost entertaining. Yes I have had some problem with gas .That’s not so entertaining but I deal with it. I have an increase in my apatite and putting on some weight. Don’t like it but I’ll deal with that. That’s about it as far as side effects. My insurance did cover Chantix. Good Luck to everyone!

  33. Picking up my prescription for Chantrix tomorrow. I have a lot of anxiety about it, I’ve never tried to quit before. I tried to give it up for lent once, and it was hell and very unsuccessful. Everyone who has posted seems pretty motivated. Anyone out there who didn’t really WANT to quit, but knew they should that has had a good result? The posts here are encouraging, I spend a lot of time hoping I’ll be one of the ones that dodge the bullet on the health consequences of smoking.

  34. I’m interning at a wellness center and I got to sit in as a Chantrix representative pitched their product to a group of doctors and nurses. It looks very promising from what they were saying but I wanted to know what real smokers were saying. I’m encouraged to see so many people so optimistic about quitting.
    They explained that the dreams weren’t neccessarily bad or good, just that they were very vivid. The quit rate was somewhere around 20% a year later, which is a lot better than 7% using other methods. 3% had to discontinue using Chantrix because of the nausea which isn’t any worse than most any prescription. At this point they didn’t think it interacted with any medications but you shouldn’t use it if you have heart or liver concerns. It blocks the nicotine receptor so that cigarettes only give you about half the high they otherwise would, so maybe that’s why they taste different.
    I don’t know how much of this the doctor explains when they prescribe it, I just thought I’d try to be helpful. Good Luck everyone.

  35. I am on day 16 of rx. Havent had one real craving to smoke and have not cheated once. This is the longest I have gone without a cig in 10 years when i quit for a month then went back. Quit nuerous times since only to go back within 3-5 days. Often smoking behind everyones back until they finally caught on. The smell will get you every time.
    In response to Troy……..No, I did not want to quit. I loved to sit on my porch overlooking the lake and have a smoke. But this time I had to. I am in process of spending thousands of dollars on new teeth and the last thing I wanted to do was turn them yellow from smoking after 3 surgeries and some 20 visits over a one year priod to the dentist. So I knew I had to quit but did not want to. I put it off numerous times. Tried the patch, gum, for weeks leading up to final fitting. Nothing worked. Dentist recommended use chantrix when i knew i had just a month left til my permanent crown were going to be put in. So far so good. I am truly amazed at the results. The dreams were very vivd at first but they are subsiding. I am taking pill earlier, around 430pm, and that has seemed to lessen the vividness of the dreams. They are still entertaining and the subject of discussion every morning. No other side effects. Should have my new permanent teeth in any day, that plus the chantrix and i think I am done smoking for good.
    Best of luck. This may just be the real deal after all.

  36. To Troy – I don’t think any of us would want to quit if it were not for the list of problems associated with smoking. You have your list and I have mine. I’ve smoked 1-2 packs a day for 45 years and I have never tried to quit before so I am really scared. But everything I read about this product is very positive. I am just about the only person I know who smokes except for my son. I have – recently – become short of breath. This suddenly appeared. I am very active – so I am learning that this can come crashing down suddenly. Lots on the list but this is number one. I had the breath test and I am at 60%.
    Good luck to all of us!! I am on day 3 and the dreams are entertaining.

  37. I’m a 47 year old male who has smoked since I was 13 years old. Had been smoking 2-1/2 packs a day since my early twenties.
    Started taking Chantrix on 1-19-07. Quit smoking yesterday 1-26-07.
    I did notice the cigarettes began to have an unflavorable taste after starting on Chantrix. I was pleasantly surprised I had no craving for a cigarette on the first day I quit.
    I have not experienced the dreams I’ve read on many of the posts. However, I also take a prescription sleep medication called Ambien. Those experiencing uncomfortable dreams may wish to consult their physician about a sleep aid.
    Good luck to all the “Quitters”.

  38. Casy Wander says:

    The Chantix really helps! It definitely curbs the craving. I didn’t quit cold turkey, but I smoke about a fourth of what I used to and am slowly going to none. I’ve been on the drug about 2 weeks now.
    The nausea isn’t that bad. If you take it right after you eat and also drink a glass of water with it, the nausea only lasts about the first 20 minutes for me. I know now not to go do anything that involves me moving around for the first half hour after I take it. I take it at lunch and dinner.
    The dreams are insane. I wake up about every 3 hours and everytime I fall back asleep, new dream. I remember all of them too!! I usually have 304 a night, all very vivid. None of them bad, but I can’t believe some of the stuff I dream about. Trust me, it’s definitely entertaining. Not a bad substitution for lung cancer in my opinion! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
    My insurance covered mine also, BCBS. It was only $45 a month so definitely look into it if you have health insurance. Some cover it! Another perk!

  39. Im on week 2 of Chantrix & 7 days smoke free after about 18 yrs of smoking. I to am dreaming more but I often sleep really well. the 1st week on it I did have a stomach ache after taking it but that is gone now. I dont even have a craving for a smoke & Im feeling great!!! Good Luck to everyone!!!

  40. laura jordan says:

    I have been on Chantrix now 2wks, and I must say it is a miracle drug! Smoked for 37 yrs. a pacck a day now first week you smoke on chantrix I cut back to 2-3 a day & questioned myself why? I didn’t even want them I did experience a almost speed high though going into the full 1mg 2x’s a day? Has anyone else had this feeling? Just very jittery inside? But it’s better then smoking I don’t smell anymore I love it my shampoo & perfume stays with me now all day instead of nicotine smell! Good luck to us all I only pray that long term there is no harmful effects later down the road! It is brand new to the market!My husband seen how well it was going so he has now started his starter week, he’s cut back more then 1/2 of his normal smokes!!! MIRACLE DRUG it needs to advertise more.

  41. I’m near the end of my 3rd week on Chantix and I had never tried to quit smoking before (started at 15, am 52 now). Just being somewhere like a long plane trip where I absolutely couldn’t smoke, and feeling that anxiety was enough to make me afraid of quitting. So I have to admit that when I started taking the Chantix, I did so half-heartedly –if it worked, it worked, otherwise no big deal. I’ve been counting cigs for years so I know I typically smoke just under a pack a day. Within the first 3 days of taking Chantix I found that I was smoking less without even making an effort. I didn’t really set a quit date like we are suppose to (fear of confronting that date) but during the 2nd week, my desire to smoke diminished more and more. During that week I gave myself permission to have 2 guilt-free cigs in a day, and that seemed to reduce any anxiety I had about never having another cigarette. After doing that for 2 days, I found that I didn’t even feel like having the second cigarette. By the end of the 2nd week on Chantix, I just stopped without really any effort.
    I think “changes in dreaming” is a good description of the side-effect. It doesn’t give you nightmares, I think it just allows you to remember everything you dream. I feel like I’m dreaming all night and the dreams are each full-length movies, not just bits and pieces, and they are more spatially correct then my typical dreams. The dream contents are nothing extraordinary, but I’m finally them very enjoyable.

  42. I am in my second week of the rx and today is my quit date. I am pretty surprised about how good I am feeling. I’m having a few cravings but mostly during my triggers….eating, driving etc. I wasn’t just “anxious” about quitting, I damn near was in a full panic attack. While I know this isn’t a slam dunk and that things are going to be difficult I am feeling very positive. I am 38 and have been smoking since I was 16. Oh, and by the way….eeeww on the weird dreams. I could do without that but am willing to go through them. Good luck to everyone and good wishes to you all.

  43. I am in my second week of the rx and today is my quit date. I am pretty surprised about how good I am feeling. I’m having a few cravings but mostly during my triggers….eating, driving etc. I wasn’t just “anxious” about quitting, I damn near was in a full panic attack. While I know this isn’t a slam dunk and that things are going to be difficult I am feeling very positive. I am 38 and have been smoking since I was 16. Oh, and by the way….eeeww on the weird dreams. I could do without that but am willing to go through them. Good luck to everyone and good wishes to you all.

  44. Hi Everybody..Soon to start taking Chantix..Little worried about the “Dream Stuff”..pray they aren’t nightmare kind of dreams *
    Good Luck to everybody *

  45. Donna Marie says:

    This is day 4 on Chantrix for me. I’m not really looking forward to my P.M. dose. Did anyone else have any other side effects, like stomachache (pain), increased heart-rate while exercising, and a general “spacey” feeling? Oh, and yes, the dreams. I was told I cried in my sleep last night. Nightmares or terrors would better describe it.
    On the UP side, I’ve been a pack to 1 1/2 pack a day smoker for over 21 years. Yikes. I don’t crave cigarettes like I used to , and already on day 4 only smoked 14 cigs. Anyone else experiancing side effects? How long did they last? Thanks

  46. has 2 clubs (like forums) for Chantix users. I am now totally quit for 5 days. Whew!

  47. Well…Here we go…My wife and I just got the prescription filled. Still need to discuss all the possible side effects with Dr. I am going to be 54 on Feb. 21st. Been smoking full time since 15. (and I do mean full time)..2 1/2 – 3 packs a day. With the co-pay of $40.00, I am STILL WAY ahead of the game. Actually looking forward to the dreams..(I could use an escape from reality). Will keep in touch thoughout the process. Thank you for your insight everyone.

  48. day 32 on rx and still going strong. dreams are not nearly as vivid. i am only remembering bits and pieces of a dream, not nearly as vivid. slept through night past 3 nights. have absolutely no cravings or desire to smoke. good luck to all

  49. I have an odd question….the package I got had no white pills in it at all. It was full but its all the 1mg blue pill variety.
    I started off with one the first day….largely becuase I forgot the 2nd pill!LOL
    Then switched to 2/day right off.
    Sleep has definietly been an issue but my dreams are fine as they have always been pretty vivid.
    Anyway did you all get white pills or is the chantax website wrong?

  50. Casey, I think you got the refill pack from the pharmacy for the second and third months. The first month pack has one box of white pills and three blue (4 wks). The main difference is that the first week is only a 0.5mg dose 2xday instead of a full 1mg 2xday. You could get a pill cutter and halve them or else you could probably just keep on like you are. I don’t know this, but I imagine they ween you on so you can see what side effects you might have before you get hit with a big dose.
    to ken and diana, thank you for the words on the journey. I’ve recalled them over these last two weeks. I’m 14 days on the RX and 7 days totally smoke free. I can’t believe it. I realized this week that even though I had never admitted it to myself that I didn’t think it was even possible that I could stop smoking. I miss it though. I really miss it. BUT, I am reminded that missing this now (a feeling I pray will one day go away) means not missing a lot of things I would have missed from fewer years of living.
    The dreams are a trip. My wife probably thinks I’m going nuts because I’m waiting to tell her that I’ve been taking Chantix until her birthday next week (do you think she knows already?), but I haven’t withheld my mindtrips from her. Last night I time traveled all throughout a single dream, sort of like the movie Memento where the chapters of the movie are in reverse order. That is some sophisticated sugar-plums right there.
    I still have one cigarette in my pocket. It’s been there for over one-hundred and sixty-eight hours. Remarkable.

  51. Hi everyone,
    My story-female, 50 years old. I have been smoking since the age of 15. I enjoyed smoking, especially with my cup of coffee in the morning out in the garage.(Never smoked in house). I have been on Chantix for 19 days now. Actually, my doctor gave me the prescription in October for Chantix but I guess I wasn’t ready.
    I cheated once!!! I begged a friend to give me a cigarette. He did. Yuk, it was so nasty. I smoked 3/4 of that cig and trashed it. The awful taste in my mouth was disgusting. Believe me, that was my reassurance not to smoke again.
    Two years ago I went through hypnosis to quit that worked for me for about 4 months. Chantix in my opinion is wonderful and as far as the dreams go, yes, I remember each and every one of them.
    A word of advice, hit the gym, I have increase my workout. Get moving!!! Take chromium picolinate and other vitamins and herbs to control sugar cravings.
    Good luck to all!

  52. Wow, great drug – a real hope for smokers. I wrote previously on January 7, 2007. Here’s what has happened since. I am in month 2 of Chantrix. I am not in DAY 2 of becomeing a none smoker. I weaned myself down to 3 a day, 2 a day and then 3 nights ago I ran out of cigarettes. Here is the neat thing. I didn’t panic. I didn’t feel the need to run down and buy a pack so I would have them in the morning. So I didn’t. My quit date set itself. I admit the occasional urge, but they taste terrible, and now I smell smoke on other people. In fact, I am smelling things I have never smelled before. I have noticed I am coughing more than when I smoked, so my body must be trying to clear out the pipes. After trying cold turkey, hypnosis, welbutrin, and the patch, this seems like a miracle drug. I am going to return to this blog over time and report the long term success I hope will occur. I must admit, I am a bit concerned about going “Chantrix free”, and what the effects will be. If anyone has quit smoking AND Chantrix please tell us about it. and please, anyone who is writing more than once, please note your previous writing date for reference. And GOOD LUCK to everyone – you can do it with the help of this wonderful drug!

  53. after 45 year’s of smoking with most of them dealing with at least 3 pack’s a day it was awesome that as of last october 16, 2006 i am now a non-smoker. thanks to a big part of taking the drug chantix. the dreams were all interesting. some were kinky and all were vivid. i sort of miss them now that i don’t take the pill anymore. what is great is not having to make sure when i go to bed that there is enough to get me through the night and enough to get me started in the morning on my end table. no having to scrub my finger’s in my morning shower to get all that yellow nicotine off. taste buds are coming alive again and i recently found out that after all these years of using colgate toothpaste it has a pleasent flavor to it. to all that want to stop smoking i wish you the best of luck and a success as good as mine.

  54. I am a 35 yr old female, married w/7mo old. Perfectly healthy until just recently. Started losing vision/having altered vision in one eye. After many Drs visits…trying to tell me it may be Multiple Sclerosis…still in denial and wont go have the spinal tap to verify it. Will get to it eventually & at least Dr is not rushing me.
    So HAVE to quit smoking because smokers have higher/quicker rate of demylenization of the brain matter. Needless to say, the stress levels are off the charts.
    Terrified to quit. LOVE smoking, but know it is most likely making my health much worse, or could in the long run.
    Already tried Wellbuterin. HORRIBLE depression set in, in less than 48hrs. (although cravings went instantly)
    1. How much does it cost if you do cash pay? (crappy insurance)
    2. Will Klonipin (sp?) help with the dreams, allow me to sleep. Already taking for the anxiety associated with the vision problems.
    Any input is greatly appreciated!

  55. SO I tried to quit over New Years because it’s a deal breaker with my boyfriend. As I drove away from the airport after dropping him off, I lit up. Now, he’s flying in tomorrow and I just got my Rx for the drug. I paid cash $114.99 and after reading so many testimonials I have to say I’m a little nervous.
    Dreams I’ve had in spades. Not so much worried about that, but I already have nausea in the morning and could use without more of it. As for the klonopin, I too am taking that and think my sleeping should be fine. Thanks for all the positivity, and encouragement. I’ve been smoking for five years now and I’ll be thirty this year. Gotta quit now!

  56. WOW, very encouraging notes and details. I have tried all of the nicotine replacement stuff and only cold turkey has worked (sort of), stopped for two months. I too have had the Rx for a while and will start in the morning. The dream details have me a little worried but, as others commented, it’s worth it. Wish me luck and good luck to all.

  57. I wish this stuff was around when I quit, cold turkey was brutal. My husband has been on Chantix for about a week. Previous attempts to quit weren’t pretty and didn’t stick, this has been totally different. After smoking for 32 years, he’s cig-free for 5 days. Couldn’t be more proud of him. He describes the dreams as “full-length action movies all night” that he could do without. This is unlike the patch which gave him horrible nightmares and severe depression. He’s willing to put up with a lack of sleep in order to quit. He still has habit cravings, but the physical part is starting to dissipate.
    Congratulations to all of you that are in the process of quiting. Keep at it!

  58. Is anyone taking the Rx in 12 hour intervals? I have been taking it around 6 am and 6 pm, but am struggling a bit… is anyone having success taking it first in the morning and again in the early afternoon?
    I am soooo excited about this medication, and have been taking it for 2weeks. I noticed decreased cravings and a serious change in the way that cigarettes taste and smell (disgusting!!!)… I even got sick after smoking one after taking the Rx for a week!!!
    My planned quit day was this past Monday (the beginning of the work week has worked better in previous quit attempts), and I really felt great until mid-afternoon. I cheated (one cig) and was alright until Wednesday afternoon (one more cig… & threw the whole pack away), then until this afternoon! Its seems like I am caving in around 3-4pm each day. Other than that, I have had no cravings all morning or evening… it almost seems like the Rx wears off around that time for me, and I become pretty vicious!!! It feels like the times I went “cold turkey” and although the cigarette tastes terrible, I am a serious mess if I don’t have it!
    I spent all of last year trying to quit… I tried cold turkey, patches, gum, mints, some type of spray, and even some weird herbal pellets!!! The best attempt was with the patch (3 months of no cigs, but couldn’t get off of the patches) and I felt great!!!! However, I thought I could “just have one” then “just one pack”… you probably know how that goes!!! It came to a point when I would “quit” every day!
    Miserable, 40 lbs heavier, and still wanting to quit smoking, I checked into the Chantix. For the most part it seems like a miracle! It still requires willpower, which gets me through the other tough parts, but I literally become a MESS in the afternoon. I think I’ll try to take the doses closer together, but I’d really appreciate hearing if anyone else has found that to work.
    I’ll pray for you all!!! Best wishes!!!

  59. to jessica…..week 7 on chantix for me. 6 weeks no smoking. not one cig. it truly is a miracle.
    i take my pills at 6am and 4pm. used to take them 7am and 7pm, after eating as instructions say. but i felt the same way in late afternoon. if i forget to take 4pm, i know it around 6 or 7 so yes, i do feel it wears off. i also think the dreams have subsided since i take the pill earlier.
    good luck. i too did all the other methods, patch, gum, etc etc etc. this is a true success story to date. im gonna go the full 12 weeks.
    So who here has gone the full 12 weeks and stopped taking the rx. Need to hear what to expect when we stop.

  60. I say take the drug if it helps you stop smoking. I smoked from about 20 to 35 and quit cold turkey. I had COPD so bad that at 55 I had a double lung transplant….you wouldn’t believe the dreams you get from the many, many drugs I have to take just to keep the new lungs in my body from rejecting! Plus the other side effects..also my life is shortened by many years. Quit NOW!!!

  61. I have been smoking for almost 40 years. I tried all thing known to man to quit. I heard about Chantix. Both me and my wife got prescriptions. My wife and I have had identical experiences.
    First day: Took the first pill but continued to smoke. No pressure to stop immediately was really a great feeling to begin with. Second day: Continued to smoke. Third day: Cigs start to taste bad. Fourth day: Did not even go outside for our morning coffee and gigs on the front porch.
    We thought that this cannot be. All these years trying to quit and we did it in less than one week?!! Well, it’s been 3 months now and I’m actually off Chantix. My wife is on ½ pill (5 mg) a day and looking to reduce this to every other day. We do not have any side affects. Cravings are brief and long in between them. Never felt that we needed to follow through and light one up.
    Yes, dreams are very interesting. Never so real-life and clear enough to recall accurately the next morning. But after we reduced the dosage, as I did as well after 2 months, those dreams are basically gone. Take this with food or you will get light headed and feel sick. No problems with food first. It made us a little tired during the day (maybe because of the dreams?) but that stopped after awhile.
    Chantix is worth every penny. This works and works great. It’s about time someone has given us the help to quit.

  62. Christa says:

    Just got my scrip and its 7:47…my friend and I are starting the pills together. Wondering since its so late and I’ve read about taking them earlier helps the dreams if we should wait till tomorrow?
    Little scared about failing another time of trying to quit. I am 26 and have been smoking since 14…pretty much a pack a day. I have a 2mo old so I don’t get much sleep anyways.
    My insurance covered $54 and I paid $60.
    Also I am wondering if anyone else takes adderall…a little worried about it counteracting.
    I’m glad this site is here…nice to hear from fellow quitters. Good luck to everyone and please pray for me and my friend.


  64. 7 1/2 weeks and counting. not one cig
    on a lighter note…….i didnt even want one during my in law’s visit 😉 a true test passed!!!
    3 1/2 weeks til i finish 12 week cycle. still looking for some posts from people who have finished the 12 weeks and what they have experienced.

  65. Starting

  66. I have been on Chantix for 3 weeks now and am AMAZED by how well this works!! Unfortunately I have experienced vomiting the past three days about a 1/2 hour after I take the pill. Not sure why this is happening so late in the game, I’ve even been taking this with a meal and water. Has anyone else experienced this side effect?

  67. I’m on day three, still smoking (because I can) but I’m not smoking nearly as much and I’m not jonesing.
    I ran out of cigarettes while driving and didn’t stop because it was too cold. That NEVER happens!
    Tony Soprano, the mom from little house on the prairie and the head detective from SVU were my friends in last nights dream. And I liked it!
    I start 1mg tommorow. I’m going to do it this time!

  68. to sue: posted feb 15th. Don’t worry about the spinal tap for ms. perhaps you could have an mri and that might show ms and some day you may have to have spinal tap, but the mri would be less tramatic (however it is loud, but doesn’t last long) also, many illnesses can mimick ms, but do what you can with your insurance and sometimes a diagnosis can take a long time. i have neurological problems myself and am a smoker. have not tried the chantix but have heard good things about it. i worry about the nausea and GAS since i work in an office and (how embarrising) but i am READY to quit. i am concerned about the vivid dreams however, since i ALREADY have very vivid dreams and have had all of my life. wonder if this drug will make them even worse?? also, i take phenobarbital for seizures, and am concerned about side-effects. anybody know about that???? anyway, i have tried gum and it helped a little, but did not work well, and i want to be a non-smoker. p.s. good luck Sue and follow up with your dr.

  69. I’m on day 4 of taking Chantix. I noticed the first day that the cigarettes I was smoking tasted like crap…and when my husband is smoking, they smell even worse. My quit date isn’t until Friday technically, but I’m down from 2 packs a day to about 5-6 already.
    After the dreams I had on the patch, I had to take it off about 2 hours before I went to bed, which became a very convenient time to cheat and take a few puffs! So I decided right away that my “evening” dose of Chantix was going to be as close to the beginning of the evening as possible. I just took my first evening pill at 5:00, and am going to try for 4:30 as time goes on. My dreams were technicolor vivid on the patches, so I bet they are going to be about the same here.
    My health insurance United Healthcare)paid for all but my regular prescription copayment…but because my insurance company foolishly considers a month to be a 21 day supply, and Chantix comes pre-packaged in 30 day supplies, I had to pay 2 copays…so each month will cost me $32.00. So it’s the cheapest method I’ve found by far to quit smoking…and certainly cheaper than smoking!
    I also am interested in hearing about what happens to your body after you stop taking this stuff. I wonder if it’s like the Wellbutrin, which gave me wierd head spins and seeing “traces”.
    Good luck to everyone!

  70. i started chantix last friday. i am having a completely different reaction. the first 5 days i was buzzing, smoked more and ate alot. now on day six(had my first disturbed dreams last night -kept me awake half of the night).
    today the cravings are alot less and i’m not bizzed. so maybe there is hope. i smoke more at night – so taking the 2nd pill earlier may help. the food cravings are better today too.

  71. im on my 2nd day still smoking and craving them,,,but im still trying.has anyone found that it happend to them?

  72. Man these dreams are pretty good… what would happen if i added a patch to me before bed? I might never come out of the dream. I do like the whole DON’T LISTEN TO THE DREAMS disclaimer. Last Night I choked a guy to death… And the fun part is when you wake up in the morning it takes me oh what, 2 hours before I’m really actually a human again. I woke up in the first week and for a minute I thought I was a banana… I didn’t want black spots. Thats pretty damn weird if you ask me. I talked to a doc and he wondered if the psychosis wasn’t nic withdraw in combo with the medicine. The most reasuring part of pfizers info on the drug is “chantix is BELIEVED to….” they don’t even know how it works? The good news is that besides being a tasty potasium treat, I have managed to smoke 1 a day and not even really NEED that one… So I guess I’ll be nuts for a few months.

  73. I am on Chantix 12 days now, no side effects, BUT still having cravings or at least the habit of the habit, still not smoking though. Anyone else with not side effects? Was afraid of having bad dreams but(fingers crossed) none yet on day 12.

  74. I’m on day three of not smoking. I’m totally fine, no cravings to speak of, just a tinge once in a while, but goes away. The dreams are not bad and besides gas OOPS!! I’ve had no side affects.
    I’ll never smoke a cigarette again! Thank you Lord!

  75. Hi,
    It’s been interesting to read all the comments. I’m starting Chantrix tomorrow morning and the biggest issues for me will be trying to eat first (I never eat breakfast), and the dreams. My husband and I have both tried the patch and he had a Rx for Wellbutrin. Both had BAD dream issues. I really want to quit this time. The only time I was successful was when I found out I was pregnant. Quit for several years and only started smoking again because a former employer only to allowed breaks for smokers. I started out pretending to smoke so I could get away for a few minutes and soon started inhaling. Funny how times have changed (little tolerance for smokers these days). Hopefully the dreams will only be interesting. Good luck, and good health to all!

  76. curious to hear more about what happens once your off the drug. my fear is that the cravings will return. feedback please!!

  77. Chantix is great!!!!!!!I smoked for 34 years and have tried everything and nothing worked until CHANTIX. This is my second month on chantix and I’ve been smoke free since the first week, I started it. No dreams, infact I’ve been on a diet and have started exercising and I feel great!!!!!Thank you Pfizer for Chantix.

  78. been on chantix for 8 days still smoking but i have cut down, but getting bad headaches, no dreams, hard time sleeping at night. anyone else still smoking after 8 days,, im tryin and really want this to work

  79. stopped taking chantix after 8 weeks. 2 weeks later still no cravings to smoke. i sleep much better. so i am smoke free for 9 weeks. longest ever without one slip up!!!

  80. I started smoking cigarettes (Clove type) late in life and after 12 years and numerous raging, homicidal, disturbing attempts to stop, I am on my 3rd day of Chantix with nothing more then a rumbling tummy and believe it or not, not as interested in smoking!
    I plan to STOP on the 7th day and never start again. Many of the comments here are very encouraging and I plan to document my progress to give hope to others.
    As a youngster, I could control my dreams, now that I sleep as little as 5 hours a night, I relish the thought of sweet surreal DREAMS! Maybe even lucid dreaming again! I have heard that the dreams seem to come on when you smoke AND take Chantrix, not the Chantrix itself. I hope to only casually find out and just stop this nasty habit.
    I am really glad I went to my new Doctor, even though I was skeptical knowing that he is known as the local pill fairey. I hope we all stop to be around to take care of our families!

  81. Hello Gang,
    First day on Chantrix. still smoking about 1/2 pack/day.
    I am having some weird side effects. A pressure headache, no big deal. But the bad one is that I feel very third person. Has anyone else experinced this? Does it go away?
    Also some very light nausea. no problem.

  82. I’ve been on Chantrix for eight days and I am stopping it immediately! Not only does it make me retain water (believe me, I drink lots of water and cranberry juice) but it has me constipated even though I have about 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day. My body feels very uncomfortable! Mentally, it has made me depressed, disoriented and has given me dark mood swings. For me it is dangerous to drive while on it as I find that I have no clue as to where I am. Until this medication wears off I’m leaving the car keys in my pocket. It’s as if someone else has taken control of me and I feel like someone else. Very scary feeling! My partner can even vouch that I’m not myself and also wants me off of it ASAP. It looks like it’s back to the Commit lozenges for me! I don’t believe that the FDA did a long enough and thorough study on this drug and it was rushed to market very quickly to satisfy the anti-smoking lunatic fringe.

  83. Hi Everybody! I posted first here on January 27. I’ve been 5 weeks without a cigarette and starting to feel some of the benefits of quitting. I’m breathing better, and my clothes don’t smell like smoke. The dreams have become less prevalent but I feel like I’m not getting enough sleep. I have another 20 days of Chantix to take and was wondering what any folks here have experienced after stopping the Chantix? Good Luck and Congratulation to all!
    PS To Jane. The way your feeling is the way I felt when I tried to quit without Chantix. Did you talk to your doctor? ? Are you taking any other Meds? Maybe it’s a drug interaction.

  84. Today is the day for me to stop! I believe it will happen. I already do not feel the strong urge to smoke. I know it is a habit keyed to driving, getting on the phone and after eating. I have cut down this week (1st week) and do not feel the anxiety of not smoking as much! No side affects other then a short bout of nausea after taking the pill in the AM. I have tried to stop in the past and just after 3 days I would feel very angry and short tempered, which is tough for me since I am so good natured and easy going. No insomnia, no headaches, no odd moods, only the AM nausea after taking the pill. Let’s see what happens this weekend. This is going much better then I expected. I am somewhat concerned about what will happen when I stop taking the pill.
    Good luck to all of us!

  85. randy tharp says:

    Help! Anyone heard about detached retina problems soon after beginning (2-3 weeks) chantix? I was doing really well until my vision went south – now I’m hesitant to start taking it again. PS; this detached retina thing I would not wish on anyone…. Thanks!

  86. Today is the 8th day, a magical day for I should not smoke anymore so say the instructions. I awake and kinda want to smoke, but don’t really NEED to. Odd, feeling to have the habit of smoking and then within 8 days of taking Chantix, awake knowing I want to smoke from habit but not NEED. I feel normal but missing the smell and taste, not the buzz. So far all I have felt is nausea after taking the AM pill and then NOTHING more then a little more, uh “gas”.
    Normally, for the amount I have been smoking the last 4 days, my intense desire to smoke would turn into maniacal anger and intense rage.
    Which is just the opposite of my normal pre-smoking personality. Let just say, at this moment if I did not have 10 more left, I would be driving 8 miles to pickup a pack. But I will not and really don’t want to. I will make myself stop with this drug. Ah coffee, let us see if it sets me off.


  87. I am curious – has anyone’s doctor given them a sleep aid in conjuction with Chantix? Or found an alternate way to get around the sleepless nights and these freaky dreams?
    I’ve been using Chantix for nine weeks (three weeks to go!) in order to put an end to a cycle of smoking and quitting and smoking again that has lasted more than 20 years.
    However… the sleep interruptions and the dreams are a BIG PROBLEM for me. Even on nights when the dreams are mild, I wake up 2 or 3 times and feel restless. On most nights, though, I have highly realistic dreams that are almost always involve some sort of trauma, stress, or violence. For example, my dream this morning involved being in an airplane crash, in slow motion, with what seemed like a high-definition picture with surround sound! It was highly realistic. I woke up totally freaked, sweaty, and with a rapid pulse. I don’t get it, because flying has never been a concern to me. I can’t find any connection between the dreams and events in my daily life. The subject matter seems to be random, and always interesting. Another interesting thing is that the dreams “play” like I’ve taped them on a VCR or Tivo’d them – if I wake up mid-dream, and go back to sleep, the dream seems to pick up where it last left off!
    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over two months!
    Before Chantix I rarely had dreams, or perhaps I just couldn’t remember them. The weird thing about Chantix dreams is that I always remember them in detail the next day.
    I am sure the dreams will pass. Chantix works well – and it accomplishes its goal – to make physical withdrawls and the desire to smoke subside. I guess a few months of trippy dreams and sleepless nights is far better than the damage caused by smoking.

  88. Jackie G says:

    Hello. Was smoking 10-15 cigs a day for almost 14 years. On the drug for 8 days. Had some vivid dreams but can deal with them. The first 7 days when you could still smoke I was almost purposely smoking LOTS of cigarettes (almost like a fairwell to them, trying to get the most of those 7 days). Since today, day 8, not much urges. Smoked 2 so far & don’t enjoy them as much. Just missing the habit when driving to work & the afternoon break.
    I had the prescription in my possession for almost a month before I had the courage to get it filled. My insurance does’t cover it & though its a heft $114 for a month supply, I know this beats the price of all the cigarettes I don’t plan on buying the rest of my life.
    Good luck to all & lets here from the Chantix pioneers who completed the cycle long ago. How is it going for you now???

  89. Day 14
    Just like some of you, I only miss the ritual of smoking and have had a few puffs and then thought this is a waste of time. I have no desire to smoke from the addiction, just the ritual. Not being a sleeper to begin with, the fact that I am awaken now with a memory of interesting and unusual dreams is actually fun. Other then that, what a great drug! Still have a short period of nausea in the AM after taking the morning pill.
    I have smoked a total of 3 since my quit date!
    I would normally be a nervous psychotic mess by now. My Doctor has given me a prescription for 3 more months and I am thinking that the one month may be all I will need! The Dr also said that when I do stop the med, I will have no withdrawls and can just stop, no tappering! Good Luck to all of us! Kevin

  90. Hi, I am on my 7th day of no cigarettes! I was a Pack and a half a day smoker for 30 years. I have not found this experience easy at all and can’t understand how it seems to be a walk in the park for some of the others. Every day, and several times a day, I find myself fighting the urge to smoke. I will not smoke ever again because of this agony I am going through. I wish that the Chantrix was helping me out a little more, but its not. I have not had the nightmares, but I do not sleep well and I find it hard to concentrate on my schoolwork during the day because of this. The sleepless nights may also be causing some irritation ie.. making me crave cigarettes. Anyways, I am happy to be a non-smoker; I don’t know how much to atribute to Chantrix, just happy to quit. I will keep everyone posted on my progress! Quit has helped as well. They send me daily suggestions and positive affirmations to help quit smoking and keep my mind from tricking me into thinking it okay to have just one cigarette, IT’S Not Okay!! We all know that one leads to another! I have to keep saying “I Control My Own Life, I No Longer Need Cigarettes In my Life, I Happily Quit Smoking, I am a Non-Smoker!”. If you keep saying this, your mind will start believing it!

  91. I’ve just received a script for Chantix from my doctor. He’s evaluating my condition of sleep apnea. It was his opinion that in addition to having an over sized uvula smoking cigarettes caused irritation to my oral layngreal anatomy and contributed to my snoring/apnea. I’ll begin taking Chantrix in perhaps a week. I’ve smoked for 33 years and am ready to give the cigs the bootski!

  92. Phillip says:

    Don’t know if this will help anyone who is having vivid dreams and/or nightmares that disturb sleep while on Chantix. I have been on the medication for several days now and keeping the tv going at low volume during the night seems to help. I think maybe it helps guide the subconscious a little and doesn’t let it run totally at random. Pick a channel that doesn’t show horror movies! Anyway, hope that helps someone. I’m 52 and been a 1.5 pack/day smoker since I was 22. The Chantix seems to be working so I’m optimistic. Major side effect for me (so far) has been the nauseaous feeling…

  93. Linda Suhre' says:

    I have smokled 2 1/2 packs a day for 45 years and my husband 1 1/2 for 50 years. We both started Chantrix 6 weeks ago and are doing GREAT without smoking. I can live with dreams ( the only weird one I’ve had is that I’m smoking), and live without smoking. Maybe If you are having wierd dreams you should try and anti-anxiety drug. Good Luck!

  94. I am starting my 4th day without a cigarette. I still ocassionally forget that i am not smoking and think it’s time to light up. Then I remember I am a non smoker. As far as dreams are concerned I dont think I am having any. I seem to be lying awake all night long. I think I would rather do that then have some of the nightmares I have read about. I havent been nauseated or havent noticed any more headaches then usual. I am really hoping this works. I was getting real tired of being treated like a leper because I smoked.

  95. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with the multiple nightly nightmares. I have been on Chantix for 3 weeks now and the nightmares just started a week or so ago. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since they started and am going to ask my doctor if a sleep aid might help. I would also like to hear from a former Chantix user to see if the three month deal works or not. I’ve had great sucess thus far, so it would be disappointing to have the craving come back.

  96. I’m on the second week of Chantrix – I was supposed to stop on Easter – that was my quit day – but I still smoked…the next day I just stopped. I’ve had a few since – and they do taste awful..and I get kinda sick to my stomach.
    I’m too am having really weird dreams..similiar to when I quite with the patch – accept the dreams on the patch were colorful, bright and generally just happy trips, but the dreams on the Chantrix are more of the freaky type. I haven’t had a nightmare, but they are just really strange. Just all kinds of people comming in and out of the dreams doing really weird things I don’t understand..and I’m yelling at people in the dreams, getting really pissed off.
    I’ve also noticed I’m gassy and getting constipated or the other.
    but all in all its a small price to pay for no desire to smoke. Very odd feeling. The other side effect is just feeling sleepy, and lazy.
    Hope that passes.

  97. Just took my first pill 4 hours ago. Doctor pushed me right into the 1 and not the .5. All this dream talk has almost given me an attack. I hate dreaming, as they are almost always nightmares. I am scared to go to sleep now 😛 If i had seen this web site yesterday I think I would have not even filled the prescription, so wish me luck! But in for the long haul, I have to quit!

  98. hi, took my first pill this morning with half a bagel and coffee. i feel a little jitterly and restless, but i think it’s all in my head cause i’m a little anxious about quitting. wish me luck

  99. wteturner1 says:

    Just got a script of Chantix, my insurance wont cover it, (go figure). Called around and found the cheapest cash price at Walmart for 113.00
    Anyone know where I can find a coupon, or discount ? Kind of worried about the dreams, I already have feature film vivid dreams so I can immagine whats coming but what the hell….
    Wish me luck

  100. I really want to quit, my daughter (who still lives with me) is pregnant due in July and I would really like to quit before the baby comes.
    I am the only one in my house that smokes and of course they all want me to quit, but I have tried many times before and just couldnt kick the habit. My worst fear is dying of emphasema, I know some one who did and its the worst kind of torture. I havent told anyone in my family that I got a prescription for chantix yet. I want to try it first and see, because I really dont want to her the critisizm if it doesnt work. I always feel like such a failure when I cant quit and let them down again. My husband use to dip and quit years ago, so of course he fusses, not real bad but enough. This sight is very encouraging though and I work in a Pharmacy and all the patients on it swear by it, so I guess tommorrow I will get the script filled. I am just trying to find out the cheapest way to get it filled, Cigna wont cover it. But I guess its cheaper than the cartons of Marlboro I smoke every month, not counting the Doctors visits for bronchitis every year. Just alittle anxious I guess. As far as the dreams I already have those, I have for years can wake up doze back off like I hit the pause button and pick back up where I left off. Hope that doesnt get worse but, I think I can live with it for the few months I am on the drug.
    I am glad I found this site it helps to have a sounding board.

  101. I have been on Chantix for almost 3 weeks now.
    Much to my dismay – I am still smoking.
    I have cut down dramtically and do not feel the need or cravings as much as I once did, but can’t seem to break the habit.
    Any advice?
    Its equivalent to tyring to teach my body that I don’t need to breath…….the habit is that strong.
    I also wonder how long of being on the med, before one is no longer getting any of the nicotine from smoking.
    Does anyone know?

  102. Was not aware that it blocked niotine, you may want to read up a little more on what it does do. I will too, as I may be wrong.
    Not sure exactly what it does do, all I know is after 4 days on it, my interest in smoking went down just enough to put that last one down and say I can do it, I quit. I put my last one out at 3 yesterday afternoon, and around 8 when I thought oh my god I want one now .. I went to bed.
    No not easy, I want one, or my body thinks it wants one, what does it know though .. it would eat a Big Mac over a Salad, time to take my life back. No more Smokes!
    Oh and I was all worried about the dreams, so far only longer ones and just as strange as they were before, I just am more aware of them now 🙂

  103. I have been taking Chantrix for 3 weeks now. I get extremely nauseas and my stomach s constantly upset. After reading everyone’s comments, it seems that this doesn’t happen a lot, so I will make a drs. appointment to find out why. Otherwise, I have no desire to smoke and when I tested it, smoked a few over the weekend, they were crummy. Good luck everyone and if you run into problems like I am currently having, see your doctor.

  104. Donna
    I took sometimes get upset stomach. Somedays worse than others. I’ve also had gas troubles since taking this med. I find that eating immediately before or after taking the med helps curb this problem.
    I have read up on the med. The medicine itself is designed to block the brain recptors from receiving the nicotine.

  105. Marcie Hannan says:

    I’ve been on the Chantix for 3 months now, and no
    desire to smoke (thank God) my daughter is also on this for the same amount of time. Had some problems with nausua, but the Dr. advised using coke syrup will help. I’m anxious to see what will happen when I stop using it.. right now just the smell of smoke makes me sick. Good luck to everyone.

  106. Hello all
    I pasted my two previous posts here. This will be my final post here. I’m off the Chantix now and doing pretty good. I can’t tell that there has been any withdrawal symptoms accept maybe I’ve been a little irritable. I’m over the cigs and as long as I remind myself that smoking helps nothing and the crave is all in my head then I will forever be a nonsmoker. Good Luck to every one.I You can quit! I DID!I don’t think I could done it without the Chantix.
    Dennis commented on January 23, 2007 1:26 PM:
    I have been taking Chantix for 27 days. I noticed that the urge to smoke was reduced almost immediately and that the cravings have gotten fewer and farther between. I’ll admit that I’m still smoking 2 cigs a day now but they taste awful and not really satisfying. I have 1 trigger that is hard to deal with. I have a 40 mile commute to my employment that is boring and death defying all at the same time, hence the 2 cigs. Frankly I don’t really what the cigs! I’m going to make it to work in the morning without the smokes. If I can do that then I know I can really quit I am a 54 year old Male and was a pack and a half a day smoker for 30 years. I’ve tried the gum, the patches and even hypnosis and I can honestly say that Chatix has been more helpful than anything I’ve tried. Now a few things that’s been brought up in other posts. Yes I have had some crazy dreams every night since I’ve been taking the Chantix. It’s almost entertaining. Yes I have had some problem with gas .That’s not so entertaining but I deal with it. I have an increase in my apatite and putting on some weight. Don’t like it but I’ll deal with that. That’s about it as far as side effects. My insurance did cover Chantix. Good Luck to everyone!
    Dennis commented on March 28, 2007 7:18 PM:
    Hi Everybody! I posted first here on January 27. I’ve been 5 weeks without a cigarette and starting to feel some of the benefits of quitting. I’m breathing better, and my clothes don’t smell like smoke. The dreams have become less prevalent but I feel like I’m not getting enough sleep. I have another 20 days of Chantix to take and was wondering what any folks here have experienced after stopping the Chantix? Good Luck and Congratulation to all!
    PS To Jane. The way your feeling is the way I felt when I tried to quit without Chantix. Did you talk to your doctor? ? Are you taking any other Meds? Maybe it’s a drug interaction.

  107. Hi everyone, this is Troy I posted last in January and February. I wanted to tell everyone (especially those contemplating) that I haven’t had a cigarette in three months. That’s pretty impressive to me since in my first post I was trying to find out if anyone has had good luck with the pills that didn’t WANT to quit.
    Also, my insurance didn’t cover the meds and I didn’t want to pay for a third month at $120. So I started just taking one pill a day and then stopped taking it (with a few pills to spare in case I freaked out or something) and it was no problem. I didn’t feel any different or more vulnerable to the temptation to smoke or anything. I haven’t cheated even once, and I kinda think that’s the way to go. I really miss cigarettes, but I’m amazed that apparently its possible to quit.
    There is a component of will to this process to be sure, but the pills help a ton. I didn’t feel like I was sleeping well either so I was glad to get off them. I think it gets psychologically better a little each day even though I think I will always think of myself as a smoker. Hopefully I will get to the point of indifference to them, right now I still like it when I exit a building through a cloud of second hand smoke.
    Also: Chantix smoking cessation program is a total joke. The Chantix representative that signed me up was, yep you guessed it, a smoker; and you never talk to a real person, a damn computer calls you everyday and honestly sometimes I felt like the messages were trying to plant the idea of going back to smoking into my head. Let’s be honest, it isn’t financially advantageous to Pfizer if we quit on our first try . . . I highly recommend finding a state funded program or something: I signed up with Colorado quitline.
    Best of luck everyone! I’m hoping to ride this wagon to the end of the trail.

  108. Chantix and the internet site were the ticket I needed. The chantix site is a joke. But the Q is great.

  109. HOPE FOR THE HARDCORE. I started posting here when I first went on Chantix back in Feb 2007- I am completely off Chantix now, and on May 8 I will have reached 3 months with no smoking!!! I will say that I have had some urges to smoke – that little “reward” (urge) thing comes back occasionally, but I have been able to successfully get through those. Other people who have quit have told me there will be the occasional urge, but they, too, will pass. I was a hardcore smoker who tried many times to quit – now I am SMOKE FREE – so there is hope!!! Hang in there, I am! A fantastic drug!
    PS: I miss the vivid dreams, I hardly remember them now….

  110. Stephanie says:

    This is the end of my second week of taking Chantix. I must say that I was very optimistic with this. Especially it being the first time I have tried to quit smoking since 2003. My personal experience with Chantix has postitives and negatives as well. The first week was great, I kept smoking until the Rx built up in my system. By the 6th day I noticed that I was smoking only half of my regular pack a day. However, I did notice that I was eating less. I experienced headaches all day on the 5th-7th days, taking lots of Ibprofen. My nausea lasted about 30 minutes that started 15-20 minutes after taking the medicine. I definitely recommend a full glass of water after each dosage. I was eating with the dose as well. Yes, the dreams they started as well…they are becoming more vivid, actually woke up at 3am and got back to sleep at 6pm..not good for a work day. However, my smoking…my cravings are curbed at 98%. Again, this being my 14th day, I haven’t smoked any in 3 days. The other days I just ended up wasting them, trying but tasting awful, still had the kick the psychological part, and the hand motions, the car rides, telephone conversations when I wanted to have one. I am a concerned though b/c I did not take my dosage this morning. Last night I had the nightmares, and sick as could be, felt completed bloated, vomiting. I don’t know if any of you are drinking coffee, but I went to have some last night, only a sip, and ate one of those chocolate covered coffee beans and I swear it sent my body over the edge. I had taken my dose about an hour before that. I noticied again that I was only able to eat 1/2 of what i usually eat and I had alot of pain from feeling like my stomach was a balloon. So still not smoking, just did not take my medicine today. I will probably take it again tonight, just couldn’t think about it this morning. If anyone has suggestions, let me know. Good luck to everyone!!


  112. I took Chantrix for 4 days and had to stop. I’ve had so much nausea, constipation, gas, and what feels like flu symptoms. Anyone else experience this? Will it go away as your body gets used to the medication? Or will it get worse as the dosage goes up? I couldn’t stand it. Now I’m bummed out because I really wanted to use it to quit. Hmmm… Any thoughts??? email me

  113. Just wanted to say congratulations to all on this board who have kicked one of the nastiest and most addictive drug habits that there is. Actually, I got on this site being more curious about the dream stuff….that’s always intrigued me…looking at them as perhaps a small clue to the big ‘mystery.’ However, I am a former smoker, so did want to pass along the kudos. One more thing….it took me a few tries to quit (even after quitting for ten years at one stretch)…but just wanted to warn everyone that, at least for me, I found it a big fallacy to think you can just go back and smoke one a day…or every other day. This drug is so diabolical that it fools you into thinking you can do that, but before you know it, it’s two a day, then three…you get the picture. So one more time, congrats to everyone…you’ve done the absolute best thing you can for yourself, and no doubt, for a lot of people around you as well. Stay strong.

  114. cmvander says:

    I took chantix for six days and stopped due to SEVERE mouth pain…dreamlike state almost causing car accident…extreme fatigue and major ringing in my ears…depth peception was way off…positives were i did not crave cigarettes and i had some really vivid dreams but my experience with the negatives were intolerable… cold turkey sounds much better.

  115. Jerry S. says:

    I have severe sx’s 6 wks later. While on Chantrex I had severe dreams but worse was feeling like a Zombie all day(lethargic, drowsy, fatigues, lack of interest etc. I quit after only one month and am still smoke free but still have all the terrible feelings of depression and lethargy. Has any experienced this continued problem???

  116. Dave M. says:

    Well, where to begin. It seems we all have tried several attempts to give up the habit and not a thing has worked, obviously, till now. Then again, we are only in the begining process. The great thing about those of us who are trying to quit… we are actually giving ourselves more time in life. I’ve quit before for days, weeks, months and even over a year, just to pick the habit up again. BUT, this time i will not. Even though I’m only in the 2nd week of Chantrix, I believe this is the one. I don’t have any cravings at all, but I do still think of smoking. Like right now, i would have probably had two just writing this so far. The good things is, i haven’t. I can actually notice that i don’t have to stop typing to ash, or blow ashes off my desk or keyboard….etc..etc. I believe that while you are a NON-smoker, you should realize all the things you don’t have to put on pause just to smoke a disgusting ciggy…. Remember the taste…i do, and the smell…i do. All i have to do is go to work to smell that. we all have our doubts, but need to be more on th positive side. Remember, it was you who chose to give it up. And we all have our own personal reasons. HOWEVER, I had really strange dreams on the patch, while taking wellbutrin, and every once in awhile in my normal life, BUT have never experienced the dreams I do now. Not only do I remember every detail, but I remember them!! Although mine aren’t about death or mutilation…etc. They are about my life mainly surrounding I guess” What could b’s”. I don’t know. But the ones that disturb me, which I have had 3 nites in a row, are when I actually meet my self when I was a child. Sounds wierd huh. Seriously, to keep it brief, I met my mom,my sister, and myself. I have a picture in my photo album of this: my mom, myself and my sister(mom in her 40’s, my sis about 8, and me 6ish). See, I’m 30 now, okay. I met my family at the time frame of like 22 years ago in present times in my dreams. Talk about a surreal dream state. I time traveled, brought them here and hugged myself as a child….gives me the shivvvers thinking of it. Does it mean anything? Along with the dreams, I too have had other side affects. Like the guy above, have been quite fatigued. Takes me awhile to get up in the morning, and at times have horrible gas pains for the whole day. The one i don’t like is the lack of interest. It’s true. I feel like i’m just floating through life. Not buzzing, but just, oh well kinda state. Not a good thing if ya ask me. But it’s worth the chance to be 100% smoke free. Good luck to all. E-mail me if ya wanna know more. Later…

  117. pamela McCarthy says:

    For the people who are experiencing sleeplessness, just in case I did (because that would sabatoge my quitting for me) I bought some melatonin and take 12 mg a night before sleep. Not only am i sleeping quickly, but stay asleep, and I’ve not experienced the weird dreams.
    I’m on day 12 without a smoke===and have successfully quit with chantrix.

  118. Day eight and ready to give up the smokes. Side affects, no hunger! I was worried about weight gain and I’m actually eating less oh and of course the dreams. It’s like going to a movie every night. Godd luck everyone, hope this one works for all.

  119. Congratulations to everyone on their progress, and condolences to those who have to suffer some difficult side effects to get there! I’m four months smoke free after two months on chantix now, and things are slowly getting easier! I wanted to ask if anyone else has had problems with recurrent SMOKING dreams. While I was on chantix I smoked in my dreams EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and was always aware that I had broke my quit. It’s not as regular now, but every once in a while I will smoke all night in a dream. Let’s all keep up the good work!

  120. Let’s take a moment revisit this post, just for amusement’s sake:

  121. Been smoking for over 25 years. Up to a pack and half to two a day presently. Went to see the doctor yesterday because I’ve been experiencing chest pain, chronic cough and shortness of breath. Basiclly told that I HAVE to quit. I’ve tried a variety of methods in the past and was unable to control the urges. The doctor suggested I try Chantix and she gave me a prescription (which I haven’t filled yet). I’m highly concerned about the altered dream side-effect. I already experience vivid and often disturbing dreams. I also talk, thrash about and occasionaly walk in my sleep. I’m afraid Chantix will increase this behavior. Is there someone out there with similar sleep patterns who can advise on how the drug has effected you? Good luck to all!

  122. Frith Picanso says:

    I have had crazy dreams, uncomfortable I can tats and smell, water feels wet. However, I don’t like to much I do a lot of lucid dreaming and in these they are un-controllable and often for me contain disturbing scenarios.
    I have almost all the side effects, strong to, very nauseous, dizzy, confusion, farting up a hurricane, tast all messed up ( cherry ice-cream once 1 bite only tasted like a cigar butt till I looked at my food, and I find I am having lucid day dreams which are distracting. It’s been almost 4 weeks of the pills I am calling my doc today to see if I should stop taking them. That’s my experience

  123. I am in BC, Canada. Here Chantrix is called Champix. I’ve been waiting for them to arrive, and I’m the ‘main’ guinea pig for my Doc & pharmacist and family & friends. The directions say to take 1mg a day, quit between the 8th-14th
    Then I believe you move up to 2mg a day?
    I’ve been on them for alittle over a week now. Starting out 1/2 tab a day for 4 days, then instead of me taking a whole tab, I cut in 1/2 & take in a.m. & p.m. (no later than 6pm), I’ve noticed a change in my desire. But, I still want to smoke. I figured I would wait til I was on them for the 28 days (that’s what comes in our packs $60), I’m trying to ween myself, and sometimes doing a good job. Should I be cutting down way more and/or having my quit date sooner than the end of June?
    Love to hear back
    Thanks (great side effect – loosing weight, appetite decrease- sweet tooth decrease, yes nausea but, not as much if I eat something with it.not too much else for side effects thus far)

  124. I’m on day 9 — started the 1mg (blue) pill 1x daily for 6 days, took 1mg 2x daily on the 7th day to present. Been cig free for 2 days now. Dream’s not bothering me. That’s the good news. The bad news… I have been so sick! I’m nauseous, have had the TOTAL opposite of constipation, and had a dizzy headache for 3 days now. Also, at times, feel “hi” – like I’ve been sniffing glue or something…not pleasant. I almost want to quit taking the Chantrix, but afraid to start smoking again. I’m 40 and have been smoking 1-1 1/2 packs a day since 18. Have 2 little girls I want to live for and starting to feel my mortality as my daddy had his 1st heart attack at 41, had severe emphazima and dead at 53. Never wanted to quit smoking before, really enjoyed it, but no longer willing to be a “slave” to cigarettes! Just don’t want to be sick anymore…this almost as bad…just want to lay down in a dark room all the time. What’s up? My husband thinks body getting rid of all the toxin’s in my system from smoking all these years… Could this be right?

  125. Yes, Chantix has made me insane, at least while I am asleep. Someone above said “What’s worse, surreal dreams or lung cancer?” Well, sometimes continual surreal dreams are referred to as psychosis – so I wonder….

  126. pkurilecz says:

    Hello All:
    If you had told me a month ago that taking a little pill would help me stop smoking, I would have offered you a bridge in Brooklyn.
    I was a three plus pack a day smoker for thirty plus years. I used to smoke Pall Mall straights.
    I had tried everything else … didn’t work.
    No wonder that a 20mg nicotine patch didn’t work when I was inhaling 120+ mg of nicotine a day.
    I started Chantrix ten days ago. I haven’t had a cigarette in two days now … Lord knows that I still crave one from time to time … but oddly I do not desire one … go figure
    The fatigue, the dreams, the mild nausea are nothing compared to not smoking.
    One last thing … all of you nancies out there who talk about being a pack a day smoker and have had trouble trying to stop … if this doesn’t do it for you, you obviously don’t want to quit.
    Just ask your self one question: Do I want to smoke or do I not want to smoke? Once you can answer this question, the rest is easy.
    If I made it yesterday without smoking, I can do it again today.

  127. Keith K says:

    I am 36, been smoking for 16 years, about 2 packs a day, sometimes more if I am out drinking or something. I am on day 6, will be quiting in 2 more days. I still have the “routine” to smoke, but I don’t really feel the need for one. Its weird. I haven’t had any dreams, in fact been sleeping great. I don’t really feel any side effects. Maybe a bit of the “I don’t cares” lately. But medicine doesn’t really bother me. I did alot of drugs in college, so I can pretty much ignore or not notice most side effects. I take my morning pill chased by a cup of coffee and my evening pill chased by a glass of water (or beer). So I don’t eat anytime around the pill taking, and I don’t feel sick. Maybe I do have gas, but then I again, farting is cool, especially when you do a bit of “crop dusting” around the office cubicles.

  128. The best word to describe my dreams is “lurid.” I have had some real humdingers. Had to reduce dosage to one tablet per day. I still have strange and tiring dreams.
    I am on day 25 with no lapses, and although I was never a heaver smoker ( 1/2 pack a day or less) quitting has always eluded me. This stuff works. After about a week , cigarettes started tasteing terrible… like rolled up newspaper.
    I’m anxious to see what happens when I stop taking it.Right now I am very encouraged.

  129. 38 year old female, smoking since I was 13 or 14, 1 to 1 1/2 packs a day. Quit while pregnant, cold turkey & started again as soon as I could!
    Reading this blog is great!
    I was taking Chantix for over a month before I finally quit. Been 5 days now, since I smoked. I got a 2nd chance at life, so to speak. Got a scare when the Dr saw something disturbing on my right lung. Funny enough, THAT didn’t get me to stop smoking. After further tests, it turns out I have scarring from past bronchitis or pneumonia, and not cancer. THAT was the news that got me to quit! I am NOT dying already. Maybe I CAN life a long and happy life! My son is only 3 years old. I want to see him grow up. He makes me SO happy! It would break his little heart to see Mommy sick & dying. That was my inspiration.
    I have to say I didn’t really have the vivid dreams BEFORE I stopped smoking, but now I am! Last night I had a zombie movie-like dream. It was crazy- and I kinda liked it!
    This blog is very encouraging, and I will stick with it! Same to you all out there- let’s take our 2nd chance for a long & healthy life- people would miss us!

  130. Hello, I’m at day 14 without a smoke, day 21 on Chantrix. I’ve tried before, this actually has worked. I started smoking when I was 12, now I’m quickly approaching 45…
    I do remember my dreams now; never really did before. I do have to make sure I have a full stomach before I take the pill, or I’ll start heaving. I wish I could say I had a loss of apetite–that is what I find so discouraging. I waited until I had lost 25 lbs, and got in a good exercise and healthy eating habit before I took the plunge to stop smoking. Now it seems like the chantrix is just making me hungrier and messing up my blood sugar big time. Today I’m going to start taking just one pill a day, not the two, to see if I can still keep away from the smokes. I’m also having alot of hot flashes–more so than normal. Anyone else having these problems?
    My Dad died 5 years ago from COPD. I quit smoking on Father’s Day…what a terrible habit it is.How could anyone be so stupid to fill up their lungs with that crap??? But I wouldn’t mind a drag right now–I actually did enjoy smoking..
    Good luck to everyone else!

  131. Hi, I am thinking about getting Chantix and all of your comments have been helpful. I am a bit afraid of it for a couple of reasons:
    1. I already dream vividly, often have nightmares.
    2. I have a “weak stomach,” and often suffer digestive problems.
    2. My number one withdrawal symptom is severe depression. I am normally a happy, go-getting person. But, the longer I have quit, the harder it is to get out of bed and function. The lack of nicotine in my system literally makes me crazy, and watching my sanity, sense of reality, and joy for life slip away each day I don’t smoke makes me pick it up the habit again and again.
    I actually hate smoking. I don’t like the way it tastes anymore, it brings me no pleasure other than ceasing the craving. And I’d like to have a baby. I’m 35, female, I’ve smoked 2 or more packs a day for 10 years. But I deeply fear quitting because of who I become without the nicotine in my system. Last time I tried to quit cold turkey, my partner nearly had me temporarily committed. He would have been right to do it. I was not sane. I bought a pack of smokes instead. My love for life returned within 10 cigarettes, though tainted by guilt and hopelessness that I just can’t quit.
    Does anyone else out there get withdrawal like that, and have you had success with Chantix?
    Thanks! dawn


  133. 1st week side effects.
    Little bit of heartburn and alot of flatulence. Overcome with fatigue 1/2 an hour after taking a pill. Sleep is much deeper than I’m used to. Dreams yes but not all that wierd yet.
    Quit the cigs after Day 7. Day 8 today little cravings except some brief wanting for the taste.

  134. I’m taking my first pill tonight. Did this pill cause anxiety or rapid heartrate for any. I take meds for that and am hoping this will not happen.

  135. Smoked 20+ per day for 25 years, stopped completely on day 5. Since I wasn’t struggling with cravings on .5 mg, I now cut the 1mg in half, half morning/ other half late afternoon. I don’t have any side effects and sleep normal. It dose make me wonder if other user’s who are having sleep problems couldn’t try doing the same. If there’s any new user’s reading…give your body alittle time to settle with it, and don’t be to quick to blame it for everything. Simple nicotine withdrawal can cause certain side effects without any drugs.

  136. 4 weeks now. Stopped smoking on day 8 but haven’t stopped farting since day 2. Anyone looking to have their crops dusted give me a call.

  137. I don’t mind exciting/unusual dreams, because as others have reported, I generally never remember my dreams. I sure do now! I am at day 13 smoke-free. Haven’t smoked since “quit day”, and am amazed at how much easier Chantix makes it. Is it effortless? No. But, it’s about as close to effortless as we’re likely to find. Now, although I said I don’t mind exciting/unusual dreams, I *do* mind dreams that make me angry. My odd dreams occur nightly, and in almost all cases, contain an element or two of horror, as well as scenarios in which people in my everyday life go to extraordinary lengths to make me very angry. Not very pleasant, as the normal workday p*sses me off enough. 🙂 In any case, so far, I’m sticking with it. I feel better, and though I have quit before (2 years at a time twice), I’ve been able to give up a pack and a half/day habit with relative ease. Has anyone found anything that reduces the intensity of the dreams?

  138. On day 4 since quitting, day 10 on Chantix. No problems with the heartbeat, nausea, gas or any of the other common complaints (guess I’ve been a lucky one!). Did have my first REAL vivid dream last night….. nothing horrible or scary, just bright colors and nonsense. Kinda reminds me of a time in the 70’s, only this is legal!
    Seriously, it’s been all good. For those sitting on the fence, take the step. I’ve smoked steady for 37 years, and have tried many times to stop. With this medication, I know it’s finally a done deal.
    Best of luck to you!

  139. I have just found another forum on the side effects of Chantrix which goes beyond vivid dreams etc. It’s alittle scary and I’ve decided stop taking the drug.(I’ve been 10 days quit anyway) If your’ve noticed any other changes in your health since starting Chantrix you might want to chck out this link:

  140. Patrick says:

    I quit cold turkey 21 months ago. I too had a run of surreal and bizzare dreams. This also happened 10yrs ago when I quit for 2 yrs. I think much of it is the subconcious struggle within trying to kick the addition. My Md told me addiction affects the most primitive part of the brain and to quit, reason must win out.

  141. Barbara J says:

    I’m 35, been smoking 1to 1 1/2 packs a day for 20 years. I am on day 18 with Chantix. I haven’t haven’t quite kicked it yet, but I am down to 2-3 in the evenings. Some other posters had mentioned a rise in cravings between doses, and that coincides with mine, so I am taking my evening dose a little earlier (late afternoon). That seems to be helping. I really just want to be over and done with smoking so these last pesky few really need to go.
    I have actually read every post here so far, and was surprised some people were oblivious to simple, easy to find facts about the drug and quitting in general.
    YES Chantix helps, but
    NO it’s not going to be an instant cure-all
    Your body will still need to detox, and there are many physical side effects to that (fatigue being the least of them). Your brain will still remind you to smoke even though you don’t want it to, no drug will stop you from playing head games with yourself. Chantix reduces these things incredibly, but the rest is up to you. Get the facts, read up on the effects of nicotene withdrawal, find out what Chantix does and doesn’t do and how it works before assuming all the negative “side effects” are from the pill. More than likely, it’s the cigarettes talking one last swing at you on their way out of your system.
    As for the DREAMS, for me they are indeed very vivid, long lasting, and I have tremendously more recall than usual. I can’t say if they are any weirder than usual, as dreams are pretty weird anyway. I can tell you that in the past couple weeks I have:
    1. Once woke up to a room full of 500 assorted kittens, cats, puppies, and domesticated rats that had been delivered to my place instead of a pet store, and then set loose in my apartment. I kept trying to catch them and then as I put them back in the delivery boxes/cages, I would see more. People started coming over and leaving the front door open so I was having to chase the escaped ones down 3 flights of stairs. Oh, and the mess! I would say it was a nightmare but its so funny.
    2. Hung out with Jeff Spicoli, Sean Penn’s character from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Remember at the end when they tell you he saved Brooke Shields from drowning and spent the reward money hiring Van Halen to play at his birthday party? Well I was there. Great Party, Bud.
    3. Been spending time with my dad in various parts of the country doing everything from outrunning cops to throwing back a few PBRs at his house on the lake. He died 2 months ago, but that has not stopped us from hanging out thanks to my Chantix dreams.
    TO DAWN: If you really want to become pregnant, you need to quit ASAP. I am looking at starting a family at this later age myself, and my OB/GYN had some startling facts for me: Smoking decreases the mobility of your fallopian tubes, making it harder to conceive, and significantly increases the liklihood of ectopic pregnancy. It also causes menopause to start years earlier.
    TO PKURILECZ: When someone who smoked 3 packs/day of Pall Mall straights tells you how (relatively) easy it was to quit, that is a wake up call. (Nancies, was it?) You are absolutely right, if someone cannot stop smoking on Chantix they don’t really want to do it. Thanks for the slap in the face, it was just what I needed.

  142. About 3 weeks after I started taking Chantix I had a detached retina. I have continue to take it as until I found this sight and read Randy from March 3oth comment. I am not sure there is a correlation between the drug and eye problems but I think I will stop taking just to be on the safe side. Anyone else out there had an issues with there eyes?

  143. i’m on my third week of chantrix, and my 4th attempt to quit. i’m only 28 years old, and as of now,the only nonsmoker in my familyi started smoking at 15, and have been trying to quit since i was 26. the second attempt was my most successful. i used the patch and took a lot of yoga classes,(i was training for my teaching license). i was smoke free for 8 months and feeling great. things started to get stressful, so i thought i could have just one. not the case. after a few days i was smoking full time, hiding my habit from loved ones. i tried to quit again, but i wasn’t truly ready to give them up. this time i am. i know i can’t ever again in my life have a cigarette. which is all gravy, because they are poison, plus they stink, inside and out.i want pretty skin and a youthful appearance. i want to experience this life i have been given as healthy as i possibly can. another thing i find motivating is that now a days it seems like there are more non smokers than smokers in any number of setting. these are my motivations.i had heard sooo many success stories from chantrix, i decided to give it a shot. i smoked the first 8 days of taking the pill, but cut down to 3 and 4. i was smoking close to 20. i made day 9 my quit day. today is day 17 and i feel great! the only time i really experience cravings is after i eat, but they disappear in less than 2 min. i even went out drinking and never wanted one! back on the subject… i always feel nauseated after i take my pill. it isn’t very strong, and doesn’t last too long. i’ll usually eat something to help.the first few days i was not sleeping well. i was waking up every hour. i decided to take my evening pill late afternoon, like alot of you hve discovered helps with sleep disturbances and the dreaming. the dreaming…it comes and goes. sometimes they are very lucid and disturbing. other times they aren’t as strong, but i defintely recall them more fully than ever. i sort of find them ammusing. it’s like a movie for my sleep. i’m usually sceptical about taking any type of prescription pill, but i highly recommend chantrix. it isn’t a miracle drug, though. you must have the willpower to want to quit. find replacements for smoking, like chewing gum. i’m going to keep taking chantrix until i feel completely confident that i can do this all on my own. sometimes we need a little help. chantrix is here for us. (sorry this was so long) 🙂

  144. i’m 60 years old , and have enjoyed every ciggrette , I ever put in my mouth since I was 14 years old , back then it was very fashionable to smoke ..!!! I can not imagine not having a cig. with a cup of coffee , or after a meal .!! In 1991 I had my back fused , went along for a while toleritating pain that I thought i’d have to the rest of my life , ended up having an M.R.I for something else , only to let my Dr. find out , that my fusion hadn’t taken .. Back to a Surgen .. September the 7 th , i’m having titanium rods put up my spine , and i’m terribly grateful , 50 to 70 % of being better , I was checking out sight’s about titanium rod’s , and back surgery , and read that smoking or rather nictione slowed down the healing process , it didn’t say to quit smoking or anything , it was all factual , and that was what I was looking for .. o’kay .. 60 years old , second back surgery , needless to say I called my Doctor, as , in the past i’ve tryed to quit smoking , with the Patch , wellebutrin , Z-ban ( which is the same ) the wellibutren made me crazy , had headackes so bad , had to stay in bed with an ice pack on the back of my head .. I asked him if there was an alternitive , beside’s duck taping me to my shed , he wrote out a pres. for Chantix . this is only my second day , I have a very dry mouth , like it’s full of cotton, but , i’ll not quit , as I’ve read every post , and there’s so much positive toward’s it , and my Dr. wouldn’t give me anything that would hurt me ….so , what i’m asking all of my new Chantix friend’s is , if I start having any trouble , should I go to the Dr. with it , or try to make it through , with out complaining , what I read that I didn’t like was the fatigue factor .. who want’s that , HELP.. and , do you have weight gain…..Jeanne

  145. Stick with it. Farting, dreams, drymouth, fatigue all reasons your brain will use to make you wanna smoke again. I’ve done quit July 6 and still going strong. Do I want to smoke? Sometimes. Is it hard not to? Sometimes. Is it easier with Champix? Absolutely. This is a cakewalk compared to other attempts.

  146. Don’t drink alcohol with it. Dallas area performer Carter Albrecht was recently shot and killed during a very bad dream-state he had entered. Though causality may never be established, he was on Chantix and approaching a quit date when it happened. Details are unfolding. Interestingly, he was not known to ever use any drugs other than aspirin, etc., and he reputedly didn’t drink alot that night. We’ll get story in tox report.
    Good luck, everyone. And my advice is to get a total body scan when you quit smoking. If they find something, they’re on it and your timing was right. And if you’re clean, you’ll feel like keeping yourself that way. Brilliant.

  147. I am on day 12 with Chantix and haven’t had any desire to smoke. I am 47 years old and have been smoking since I was 18. Quit for a year and a half when I had a baby but been smoking about a pack a day since then. I am having very weird and strange dreams but I can live with that if this finally helps me kick the habit. I agree you have to have the right mindset and be motivated to quit and if you possess that desire, I think Chantix will make this much easier.

  148. Today is day 1 for me, I’m having mixed emotions due to many things I’ve read here, but over-all, IT’S TIME TO QUIT! I’ve had enough of this little piece of rolled paper full of poison weed ruling my life.

  149. Today is day 1 for me, I’m having mixed emotions due to many things I’ve read here, but over-all, IT’S TIME TO QUIT! I’ve had enough of this little piece of rolled paper full of poison weed ruling my life.

  150. Today is day 1 for me, I’m having mixed emotions due to many things I’ve read here, but over-all, IT’S TIME TO QUIT! I’ve had enough of this little piece of rolled paper full of poison weed ruling my life.

  151. Hello All,
    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; and let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance.

  152. just wanted to let everyone know it worked for me who has been smoking for 8 years, my brother who smoked for 10 years and my dad for 42 years. i used to have my routine to work that i had to smoke 4 cigs on the way everyday…totally gone..still have crazy dreams after a month and a half on the meds, my brother does too, but dad has been on it for 3 months and they stopped..its a miracle pill, honestly

  153. I have been taking Chantix for 9 days. I actually quit smoking on day 4 instead of day 7 because of lack of desire to smoke. I now have 5 days smoke free and just started the blue pills. These things are aweful! I think the dose may be too strong for me. I feel horribly sick, nauseated, lethargic, joint-pain. I do have strange dreams, but nothing scarey so far. Does anyone know if it is okay to cut this dose in half? I was doing great on the lower dose.

  154. I had to stop using the medication becaue of the terrible side affects. In addition to the gory night terrors, stomach pains, and foggy feelings; I became very aggressive and hostile. For more information on these types of side affects you can read an article in People Magazine (Oct 12, 2007) that chronicles some very serious cases of these types of side affects.
    Many of my friends have had amazing luck with Chantix, but some us are not so fortunate. Best of luck to all.

  155. I have been taking Chantix for three weeks. I quit smoking on the 11th day so this will be my 11th day of not smoking. The worst side effect I had was the dreams. I had them for two weeks. They were weird, very vivid and somewhat scary. That lasted for 2 weeks. This past week it has been OK. I am still dreaming, but I barely remember the dreams & they are not scary at all. The second week was the hardest. That’s when I actually quit & had cravings, etc. Chantix made it bearable. This week has been much better. Each day the cravings get fewer & fewer. I am amazed at the amount of time that goes by that I don’t even think about smoking. A lot of people have posted about “side effects” of Chantix on this site & other sites I have read. Many of the so called “side effects” of Chantix are actually symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. I suggest that if you are having some of these issues, you research the nicotine withdrawal symptoms & see if that is the problem. If so, then you would be experiencing this with or without Chantix. If it is not a withdrawal symptom, call your doctor for advice. Chantix isn’t for everyone, but for me it has truly been a blessing. I smoked for 35 years, and though I wanted to quit many times, I knew it would be horrible to do it cold turkey. This is so much easier. Thanks Chantix.

  156. Hi all! This is day 12 on Chantix and I am trying to go a whole day without a cig. Not successful yet. I am now taking the larger dose. I have been an on-off smoker for 25 years. Mostly on. I am now 42 years old.
    Some of my experiences are listed here. I have become a tad more aggressive in the last week, I feel. I am not sure if this just the reduction in nicotine I am experiencing? Small annoyances feel much bigger. Postal Syndrome. I am also having the vivid dreams. Mine are usually terrifying and involve waking up multiple times during the course of a night. I really need to start keeping a journal as some of this is cheap horror novel material.
    Example follows :
    My wife has morphed into a human flesh-eating monster. She is roughly 10 feet tall and hideous. For some reason, I enter Benjamin Franklin’s house and witness her EATING all the signers of the Declaration of Independence! She’s munching on Jefferson when I walk in and see this horrendous scene! The rest of the signers are all piled up in the corner in various states of “disrepair”. The wife-monster chases me up an unbelievably long circular flight of stairs. As she gets closer and closer I am saved when an unknown person pushes the wife-monster over the railings to her impending doom.
    Apart from these Freudian-type nightmares everything else is going swimmingly. Here’s hoping I can give up the evil weed soon. I no longer need that first morning cig and the period of time before I feel I need that cig is increasing.

  157. I’m on my 9th day of Chantix and I don’t think I’m going to continue taking it.
    The first week was great, no wierd dreams or any bad side effects. It made me want to smoke less and less throughout the week, and I was positive that I’d be able to quit on the 8th day like the plan requests.
    The 7th night I had the worst nightmare I’ve had since I was a child. That day I went to work and turned to say hello or smile at people that weren’t there. The hallucinations and nightmares are too much for me, I feel like I belong in a mental hospital.

  158. I saw the comments on here made by Randy Tharp in March and Anetl in August about retinal detachment. I’ve experienced a massive hemorrhage in one eye with Chantix. Anyone else having eye problems with Chantix please contact me @ Please put CHANTIX in the subject line. I’m scared about this and would like to hear what other people have been through. Thank you

  159. I have seen myself in all of you. Feeling like a leper, haven’t told anyone I’ve started chantix etc. I’m on day 3 and am looking forward to my quit date. My dr gave me a 2 week period taking the tablet twice a day and then I start the blue tablet.
    Good luck to all
    I got this info from the website re:payment for anyone who is interested.
    Uninsured? Need help paying for medicine? Pfizer has programs that can help, no matter your age or income. You may even qualify for free Pfizer medicines. Call 1-866-706-2400. Or click here for more info

  160. Champix works, at least while taking the med. 2 months after my prescription stopped, back smoking again. Its my on fault. Champix is the best stop quitting program going and I’m going back to see my dr to take another run at it. I know Chmapix will give me a good headstart, the rest is up to me.

  161. I’m working on an article about Chantix and how it’s affecting people who live in the New York area. Anyone who’d like to participate please email me at Thanks!

  162. I have been smoke free since May of 2007. Chantix was a wonderfull tool to start my smoke free journey. First and foremost you must truly want to change your smoking habits. You must use the Chantix with a support program,whether it is reading blogs from other people who are or have quit, or live support similiar to a 12 step program. Because that is what one has to do, reprogram their old habits into new ones.
    I believe that any of the people who are wining about this or that because of Chantix really don’t want to quit. They are continuing to be a victim to their addiction. Isn’t that why we choose to smoke in the first place because we needed an excuse to escape. For those of you that do not want beat your addiction go ahead and keep smoking it is your choice, but for those people who really, really want to change their mind set and become liberated form this nasty drug, don’t scare them with all this balogna about the drug. IT WORKS and that is a Fact. But you are the one to make it work.

  163. There is a reason this drug is on safety recall. I took it for two weeks but decided the risks outweighed the benefits. I had awful nightmares, was getting very little sleep, strange joint and muscle pain, and felt very paranoid. The drug did help me quit smoking but after I stopped taking chantix I went on the patch and I have been smoke free for two months now. It’s true that you need the will power to quit smoking. Empower yourself and prove to these drug companies you can do it yourself. Take it one day at a time. I don’t think you should have to take a drug that has these awful side affects. There are other ways of quitting. Have confidence in yourself.

    I talked to my cousin tonight and very interestingly, he had “homicidal nightmares” and he is the most passive person I ever met. He called his doctor right away and went on (I think) Zoloft, or one of the popular anti-anxiety drugs at the same time and the nightmares stopped. I’m a 2 pack a day smoker and TO BOOT, I’m emetophobic (fear of nausea/puking). I gathered up what you all said and it sounds like food is a definate pre-requisite to curb nausea (Am I right? Has anyone tested the theory?). Hey how about taking some mylanta first??? Hmmm…
    Anyway, YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY THIS: I’ve been known to analyze some dreams in my past and here’s how yu do it. This could amaze some people, but I’ll try to keep it short. First of all, if you awake from your dream and don’t want to go back into the same dream, try to MOVE AROUND, even walk over and turn a light on, think of something else for a minute, then get back to bed (try to manipulate the mind by making brain do something else til you get back to the bed). This MAY work, but I don’t know, just remember something I learned years ago about if you wake up and don’t move a muscle, concentrate on dream you just had, you may be able to fall back in to it. ANYWAY… I suggest the dream analysis to add some interesting self awareness to your “dream issue”. Why not make lemonade out of these lemons? Here’s what you do. If you want to, re-tell the dream to yourself outloud. Speak the dream out loud and listen to what you are saying to interpret it yourself. Example: a huge scary man (describe people in dream) walked over to me and I felt threatened…, (denotes perhaps something you may fear, or something in life is making you feel you are ‘not able to protect yourself’) OR (my cousin’s dream was a huge gorilla trying to get into his house), see words “huge gorilla” as something overbearing, something you cannot defeat, trying to get into your house, which could mean “I may not be able to protect my family if something bad happens…” this doesn’t have to mean a burglar breaking in, just say the words out loud and that will tell you what GENERAL thoughts are hiding them in your subconscious. The feelings provoked (sleeplessness, anger, etc..) are reactions to subconscious “hidden” emotions coming out. Again, another example: “I dreamed I was a banana and I didn’t want black spots.”…translate… Say it out loud differently: “I dreamed I was not a normal/regualr person. I didn’t like what was on me and I got mad.” ..further translate… “I have to change something about myself because something ‘on me’ is something I can’t stand. (weight? bodily qualities?)
    I don’t know if this will work for anyone but I thought I’d offer some help to try to inject a little self-awareness. Once I figured out by the girl who told me her dream (just by listening to the words coming out of her mouth and turning them into very basic words) that she had been raped, felt disgusting about herself and was afraid to get into a relationship (lack of trust). She almost passed out when I suggested the sexual force issue, as she couldn’t believe I got that out of a dream. All I did was listen to the parts in her dream that signified that she feels “dirty” and that since everything in her dream was “dark”, that denoted a bad emotion (fear, anger, etc).. also, she was in a closed in small space, which denotes “I don’t feel free, I’m locked up”. So pay attention to size of rooms, speed of objects, and not necessarily WHO you saw in the dream, but WHO that person could represent. Another example: “In my dream, my boss was wearing a polka-dotted clown tie and was dancing in a circle laughing and then came over and slapped me for no reason”…translation… “Someone I am supposed to be nice to and have respect for (who is tall) made me feel like I could not defend myself and I was made to feel like an idiot…. further translation… who in my life makes me feel like I have to keep my mouth shut or else I’ll lose something? Who makes me feel like I am inferior to them?” (Self awareness kicks in). Just recognizing these things can help make such feelings disappear, and even making you act less responsive to situations. Make sense?
    I’ve rambled enough. Sorry to thise who don’t wanna hear the psych mumbo jumbo but I’ve tried this on personally and it’s helped me quite a bit. To those willing to make lemonade out of lemons, it could be a whole different revelation that you find out about yourself. Could even help to keep a log, write dream down, then read it out loud while looking at the words to see what the hell is going on in your subconscious mind that wants to come out…. Just remember, say the scenes out loud, then make them general terms. Then write down the sentence and think about it. You never know… Hope it helps even 1 out of 100 of you! I’ll be starting Chantrix soon!


  166. 39 year old female, 2 pk/day, smoking since age 17.
    Until 3 days ago, I loved…and I really, really do mean LOVED…to smoke. Cigarettes were my best lil buddies.
    That is, until my ear/nose/throat doctor ordered a head ct scan (did it late yesterday…results Monday) to check out a growth in my throat.
    Doc said I must stop smoking…we discussed Chantix, and my only concern was the potential for mood disorders because I do have a history of depression.
    Well, I filled the Rx and took the first .5mg dose yesterday. Yep, vivid dreams, but only one was unpleasant, and I was fine as soon as I woke and and realized it was a dream.
    This is only day 2 and I just have my very first “grossed out by smoking a cigarette” experience, which turned out to be strangely gratifying!!
    As far as depression/fatigue/spaciness, I’ll just keep in mind that these are side-effects and that they will go away eventually.
    I never, ever thought that I could stop smoking…just the idea of quitting filled me with a dread I can’t quite explain. There is no way I could do this without Chantix…even the ct scan wouldn’t have scared me into quitting.
    Oh, major side effect is that I have been “farting in everyone’s general direction”, heh heh heh.
    Good luck everyone…this forum has been very inspiring and educational!
    Leslie (Ezzi)

  167. DO NOT SPLIT OR CRUSH THE PILLS! (Per the manufacturer – and there is always a reason.) Educate yourself before you medicate yourself.

  168. Ok so i have been reading this all nite, my doc gave me a 2nd script 4 this after the last one didn’t make it 2 pharmacy via fax. I have 2 wait 2 pick it up until i get paid 2 more weeks but now i am looking forward 2 it. Glad i read this first tho, i would have freaked out about the dreams.
    I figure the dreams can’t b any worse than not sleeping, last time i quit i couldn’t sleep at all. lately i have been coughing all nite while i sleep (or so i am told, sometimes i wake up choking from the pflem), don’t feel like i rest… afraid of emphysema setting in, uncle died from it & i remember all 2 well how much he coughed at nite when i stayed over.
    I have been diagnosed w/ pneumonia several times in the last year & i snore terribly at nite hope quitting will help. I am only 32 and have high cholesterol, high blood pressure (though it’s better lately on medication will b off in july if i continue getting better thru diet & exercise) borderline diabetic, acid reflux… too many health problems and pills for someone my age. I so want to get healthy and start a family.
    I believe the constipation is a side effect of quitting smoking also, like the sleeplessness, maybe not the nausea, which i already experience without the drug but i am glad 2 have read all this and gotten some tips. For the most part it sounds like there are very positive experiences.
    Just gotta eat and take the 2nd pill a little early. I am determined to quit this disguisting and expensive habit. The dreams sound kinda cool, wonder if i will start to have premonition dreams, like i did when i was in high school, again. i can’t remember the last time i actually remembered having a dream.
    Well for those of u who have already quit, congrats, & for those of u who are trying, good luck and keep ur chin up. For those of u who hate this drug, u will have to find a different way or another more final way to quit will someday find u.

  169. I have been taking Chantix for 1.5 months and the side effects have crept in slowly. The dreams started almost right away, but have grown in intensity over time. I am dreaming a lot about my dad, who lost a battle to lung cancer a little over a year ago. Let me rephrase– I am having nightmares. About specifics in my life. Almost every night. There’s no beating around the bush– the dreams are crystal clear with obvious symbols.
    I have also lost a lot of energy. Like most of it. I looked around the other day and realized that my house was a mess. I would not have let this happen two months ago. I drinking coffee at night just so I have the energy to clean. I am also depressed and having a hard time letting things go in general. My relationship with my boyfriend of five years has been miserable lately. Basically– every emotional aspect of my life is falling apart.
    I haven’t stopped taking the Chantix– I’m trying to cut back on the number of them that I take though. The thing is that it works. For all of this shit that I’m going through now it really does work quite well. So its a toss up. Is it worth going through this to get to the other side smoke free? Definitely– I have seen the consequences. If I go crazy or my life goes to shit– well, its hard to say what happens then.

  170. I’ve tried Chantix,& it makes you vomit so bad.
    I could not tolerate the terrible nausea, & stopped taking it. Too bad they couldn’t come up with a better drug that doesn’t make you so sick!

  171. Hi All,
    In Canada, Chantix is sold as “Champix” and comes in the pre dosed packs, and you are supposed to pick your quit date between days 8 and 14 on the meds. I have been smoke free for 4 days now, this stuff really works!
    The dreams are wild and very realistic but I don’t mind them, have only had one bad dream in the past 2 1/2 weeks. The only other side effect I have had is the nausea right after taking the pill, I find taking it with either food, a glass of milk or even a gravol pill (anti nauseant) makes a huge difference.
    I “loved” smoking, there are still times I reach for the pack that isn’t there but then I remember I am a non smoker now! 🙂 Although, I still think about smoking a lot, especially when I am bored, I find that there aren’t any cravings to really have one and if someone near me is smoking its smells terrible!
    Good Luck to everyone!! You can do it!! 😀

  172. The nausea got to me the first time I tried Chantix so I quit taking Chanitx. BUT.. while taking it I noticed it took the cravings away so I gave it another shot, this time making sure I ate with the pill, also if I feel sick, I take a Ginger pill and right away the nauseated feeling is gone!! I’m on day 2, my husband is on day 5 and we’re determined to it.
    I’m not having any crazy dreams but find that the Chantix makes me sleepy and my engery level has decreased. Hopefully this will change, at this point it wouldn’t be enough to make me throw in the towel anyways!

  173. G’day from Australia, where its called Champix, like in Canada.
    I’m on week 5 now, and I keep forgetting to take the evening pills. The cravings and stress of giving up are gone! I can’t believe it, and am so happy. Not smoking feels so natural, I really hope I keep feeling like this after I stop the drug support.
    I’m 53, been on the cigs since 16. Smoking was just running my life – everything I did was punctuated or rewarded with a smoke. I even found myself thinking about lighting up, when I already had one going. I’ve ruined my teeth, and proably do have emphysema, if not all the other smoking related diseases.
    Funny thing is I never thought of my self as a smoker..It fit in with my bad girl image of myself LOL..
    Side effects so far experienced:
    – nausea and cramps but bearable, just remember to eat first.
    – rumbling in my left ear, sounds a bit like a cat purring. I was pretty concerned as its been going on for a few days, and I wasn’t sure if it was linked with the Champix or if I’ve done some hearing damage. But I am reassured by internet research that it is a side effect, and it will go away eventually.
    – strange dreams. LOL I just told my family about a vivid dream I had last night. Never even suspected it was a side effect, till I started reading this site.
    – I can sing again, stopping smoking has released my croaky vocal chords, and I can actually hit some high notes. Yay
    – I can play sport, walk up the hill, work out. Actually, before stopping smoking my heart rate on my gym circuit was 125+, but now its only 90 – 105, with the same amount of effort.
    – My mood has been pretty good. I’m more tolerant, and not so stressed as I was when I was smoking. I even have time to play with my teenager and let her win. I would never have believed it. Not sure if thats the drug, or being nicotine free, but whatever I am so-o-o glad its working for me.
    Good luck to you!

  174. Hello all,
    29 years old, smoked since 15, approx 1.5 packs/day.
    I’ve been on the 1mg Chantix for 10 days now, and let me tell you, the dreams are such the trip. I’ve traveled down a black brick road with a cotton stuffed man with boobs (stuffed with cotton of course), a woman in a cape and a 3 foot tall dog to stop a begger/villian from conquering our kingdom.
    Although this sounds crazy, this is just a glimpse of the dreams I’ve been having. I must say that although the dreams are crazy and funny to tell people at work, I’m freakin’ tired. But, for anyone reading this, the nausea gets better, (make sure you eat something!), and the cravings get less and less I promise. For being a smoker that literally would wake up at 3 a.m to smoke a cigarette and go back to bed, I think it’s worth the drowsiness. You will get more and more proud of yourself each day that you don’t light up, take it from someone who’s smoked literally HALF their life hahaha! Good luck to everyone, and enjoy those acid trip dreams hahaha!