Peter Krivkovich Talks About CareerBuilder’s Stupid Move

Over at The Hot Mic at Radio Talent Zoo, TZ’s Bobbin Wages scores an exclusive podcast interview with Peter Krivkovich, CEO of Cramer-Krasselt.
C-K, if you’ll recall, decided to tell to take a hike when the client decided it wasn’t happy with its agency because its Super Bowl commercial failed to make the Top 10 in this year’s USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter.
Krivkovich also talks about agency-client relationships in general. It’s an enlightening discussion.

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  1. theo kie says:

    I give all the management at C-K kudos for their decision to walk away from CareerBuilder. When a client is this disrespectful and shallow about the benefits their agency partners bring to the party, it’s time to walk away from them.
    Any agency pitching CareerBuilder better be ready to provide the back-slapping, butt-kissing, constant ego-feeding these clients evidently require. Seeing their company become hugely successful evidently isn’t enough.