Personalized McPackaging

Global Casting is a new site from McDonald’s that asks for your best story (in 100 words or less) and a digital photo to accompany your story. If they dig your sumbission, your face and story telling ability could be featured on a 50 million tray liners, take out bags or Super Size soda cups.
According to Associated Press:

The company said it will select its new packaging “stars” based on submissions that capture the “I’m lovin’ it” spirit with themes of inspiration, passion and fun.

Steve Rubel says:

I like this idea a lot. Co-creation is the way to go these days. Where this falls short though is that it does not utilize any of the tools that consumers are already using to share – e.g. their blogs, myspace pages, Flickr photostreams, etc.

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  1. Oh great!, lets continue to support the poisinening of people and the hazard that McDonalds poses to their healith. I can’t wait to capture the “I’m Lovin it” spirt with themes of “inspiration, passion and fun”. When I think if McDonalds, “fun” and “passion” are the first words that pop into my head. Not “overweight” or “low-income American consumers”.