Personal Privacy Is So 1999

Perhaps the reason Facebook won’t sell is it’s already owned. By the spooks.
[via Desedo]
In related news, Hugh MacLeod doesn’t really want to be my friend, or yours on Quechup (a social net with serious boundary issues).

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  1. ONe useful thing for all you facebook users to remember is this, potential employers are using facebook to do research on you. This is not some tin foil hat theory, but confirmed by my relative who works for Citibank. They are told to look you up on Facebook, myspace, or any other popular networking site. Any information that they might deem objectionable, may be used to deny you employment. And to boot, they do not have to tell you that. So, for all of you dudes and dudettes out there posting your pics from spring break gone wild, think again.

  2. Why do grown ups always have to ruin everything?