Perfectmatch Is Falling In Love With TV

From Adweek: is bucking a trend, moving marketing dollars toward broadcast media as it attempts to compete against better known competitors, according to company president and CEO Duane Dahl.
In fact, Dahl said he expects a 65-35 media split favoring television in the next two years, reversing the company’s current 65 percent bias in favor of online advertising.
“Online marketing is difficult because it’s hard to get above the clutter,” said Dahl. “We’re trying to maintain a 360-degree mentality.”

It’s interesting to see that people are beginning to recognize online clutter. Of course, there’s clutter everywhere, but as more dollars rush to online marketing, will we see a backlash?

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  1. I like his thinking about balanced spending online and offline.
    Has everyone seen the clever online campaign they have running with the Lifetime Channel to sponsor the show “Lovespring International”?
    The show’s a comedy about a fictional dating services. Needless to say, references to PerfectMatch abound and all are flattering. Very smart.