Perfect For The Wannabe Gangsta On Your Christmas List

At only 25, Michael Kobold is the youngest president in the luxury goods industry. Kobold watches range in price from $1,500 to $22,500. Kobold personally designs every watch and ensures that each and every one meets his personal expectations of quality. He also acts as his own ad agency, creating the ads that represent his namesake firm. Here’s his latest effort, which is running in The Economist:
“With the James Gandolfini ad, I went into a new direction and tried to capitalize on Kobold

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  1. I wonder if Tony Soprano’s expensive watch “fell off a truck” in New Jersey?

  2. Dear DBurn,
    Thank-you for posting this on this forum. In regards to your comment that Kobold’s claim to being anti-establishment is absurd, I can only comment as follows:
    No other luxury goods company has consistently taken the road less travelled in terms of marketing, sales, product development, and branding. No other luxury goods company has been so aggressive in its efforts to alienate run-of-the-mill, vanilla-sex-type prospects in an effort to attract individualists who seek products that underscore their own personality.
    Just because a Kobold watch can cost as much as a new car does not imply that it cannot also stand for anti-establishment.
    Best wishes,

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