Pepsi To Tell Deaf Joke During Super Bowl

It’s time to start talking about Super Bowl commercials again.
I’m pleased to start that process this year with PepsiCo. Their new production, “Bob’s House,” will air during the big game.

It’s a spot where many, especially at a loud party, may think someone hit the Mute button. But they would be wrong.

PepsiCo. brings some silence to the screen in order to make a statement about the type of company it is.

Could it be, compassion sells?
The idea for the spot came from EnAble, an employee network whose mission is to promote a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities. BBDO-NY, supported the idea and agreed to create the commercial for no profit.

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  1. It’s interesting to see how they felt the need to “explain” the commercial with the intro and exit messages. Did they believe the spot would potentially offend on its own?

  2. That sorry seems to be the hardest word

  3. Q: Did you hear the one about the two deaf guys in a Pepsi commercial?
    A: No, I’m deaf.

  4. This is a great commercial. Digg time!

  5. This is a cool concept. But with all the houses dark, it looks like they’re on the wrong street.

  6. I agree with Jonathan. Why are the lights out on the block? Its Super Bowl Sunday–party time. It looks like there extremely late too the party or early. I would guess by the reactions that it is 1am in the morning. The commercial is exciting for the deaf community though and hopefully see more in the future from other brands.
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