Pepsi CFO Given The Finger By Rabid Bloggers

Steve Rubel points to a p.r. story where a group of patriotic bloggers (with nothing better to do), got their panties in a wad over a metaphor used by PepsiCo’s CFO to describe America’s central position in the world.

A message from PepsiCo’s President & CFO, Indra Nooyi:
Following my remarks to the graduating class of Columbia University

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  1. Wouldn’t it be so much better if the mea culpa was more like, “F off, everyone. Yes, that’s what I said. I still mean it today. Deal with it.”

  2. Of course, it would have to be called something other than mea culpa.

  3. I just love how the A and B listers (yeah, that’s a jab) can get all fired up about nothing. It is mob mentality at its best.
    It’s funny that a finger can work them into a frenzy, but topics like Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code being plagarized (see: The Davinci Crock) go largely unnoticed – perhaps because a big push for the book’s popularity came from bloggers?
    I smell conspiracy!
    (well, not really, but the comment needed a highly dramatic conclusion)

  4. I followed this “controversy” last week. It started when a vewy fwagile graduating student complained about the speech to a right-wing blog, which then ran with the meme, demanded a transcript from Pepsi, and raised a stink about a cover-up.
    When you read the speech in context, there’s nothing remotely offensive or anti-American about it, but some people on the Right are deeply hyper-sensitive about this kind of thing these days. They need to chill.

  5. Intially when i heard it from a friend, i was wondering how could some one like Noori say that, when i read the entire speech, her comments have been taken out of context and trashed. It is great speech, very senible and to great extend refelcting the real truth about America. Some Americans need to grow up, trashing her speech shows how many americans are living in their cocoons when the world around them is changing so fast.