Pepsi Can’t Sit Still

The Wall Street Journal reports that one of America’s iconic brands is going through a late-life identity crisis. Scatch that. The story’s really about loss of attention span. Or maybe it’s about the Cult of New. You be the judge.

PepsiCo Inc. is seeing its cans in a whole new light.
For 109 years, the Purchase, N.Y., company has fiercely guarded the packaging of its namesake cola, crafting changes to its labels rarely. Now, though, it is launching a series of designs, to debut every three or four weeks — a marketing shift that the company hopes will grab the attention of increasingly fickle, restless and distracted young consumers.
The new graphics are part of a broader new thematic campaign for Pepsi-Cola that emphasizes the brand’s “fun, optimistic, and youthful spirit,” Pepsi says.

In realted news, USA Today reports that Pepsi will award a $100,000 sterling silver Pepsi can trimmed with 300 diamonds, 100 sapphires and 100 rubies to the winner of its Super Bowl halftime show promotion.

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  1. Personally I would like to see a simple can design- just a big logo in the center, but I understand their thinking…
    That said, what the hell are they doing? If the designs are orignal, that’s one thing, but these look like they grabbed everyone else’s image.
    Can on left- staight out of an iPod ad.
    Middle can- lettering looks like Coach, concept looks just like the new Sak’s package concept.
    Can on right- are those rims?!?! Looks like any video on MTV.
    I’ll stick with this redesign.

  2. I actually like the designs. If they keep changing the cans’ designs seasonally, they might actually have something. Why not. It isn’t as drastic as a new logo – which would be dangerous.
    My real question is twofold: 1) Will the $100K can actually have Pepsi in it, and 2) Will it come with a chain so the lucky winner can wear it around his neck?
    Pepsi-can bling. Wow. Pure genius. ;P

  3. No Pepsi in the jeweled can. Flavor Flav-like chains sold separately.