People With Powerful Profiles

Todd Andrlik, the PR man in Chicago who created The AdAge 150, has been making Power Profile posts on his blog. His latest subject is my friend Rob Walker, author of Buying In, the “Consumed” column in The New York Times Sunday Magazine and Murketing, an online journal.
Here’s one of Walker’s responses that I’m particularly fond of:

How many hours a week do you spend blogging?
Actually I prefer to say “writing for my site,” not “blogging,” if that’s okay with you. I try not to think of “blogging” as somehow being a different form of expression, or genre, than “writing.”
Anyway, I probably spend an average of five hours a week writing stuff for, or other related maintenance of the site.

Other “Power Profiles” on include Jerry Pepper, Lewis Green, Valeria Maltoni, Sean Howard, Neil Perkin, David Airey, David Berkowitz, Nedra Kline Weinreich, Lee Odden and Todd profiles himself, as well.

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