People Who Shop Wawa Love Wawa

According to New York Times, a regional convenience store chain treats its employees right, which leads to happier customers. In fact, many of these happy customers have become online evangelists for the brand.

The I Love Wawa group on has more than 5,000 members, making it the largest of several Wawa-related groups on the online-community site. Over on, there’s a group called We Love Wawa, with about 950 members. This would be pretty ho-hum if Wawa were an indie band or video game. Instead, it’s a chain of convenience stores, with 550 locations in five states on the East Coast. Many of the postings to these groups involve praise for Wawa’s house-brand goods — coffee, hoagies, etc. But the most intriguing factor in Wawa loyalty may be something else: the service.

Can anyone from the Mid Atlantic states confirm this report? Is the service at Wawa really worth writing/talking about? I believe it is, but I’d love to hear it from someone who shops there.

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  1. It’s not the service – It’s the tuna sandwich! Mmmmmmm.

  2. The service is pretty great when you compare it to another convenience store. Actually, incredible. Wawas are always clean and well stocked and the hoagies are so delicious, always delicious, and never once a mistake. Never!

  3. I can sooo confirm the fact that Wawa is by far the best in convenience, service, cleanliness and fabulous food. Wawa is upbeat and fresh, the stores are laid out nicely, easy to get around. I live in southern New Jersey where there seems to be a Wawa on every street corner and you wonder if it is necessary to have so many until you go to a place where there are none, it is at that point you wish there was a Wawa on every street corner. Besides all of that… they are American owned and operated which to me… is a big thumbs up!!

  4. Best dag-on place this side of the Pecos !!!!!!

  5. OMG! Wawa is the very best convenience store! I live in Pittsburgh, but my grand parents live in Philly, so I go to wawa as much as I can. Its sooooo great!
    MMM MMM MMMM! the Italian shorti is great!

  6. Wawa is amazing – There is no problem that can’t be solved by a trip to Wawa. Forgotten Valentine’s Day gifts, desire for a clean restroom, or the best tuna hoagies in the world. The service is great. Wawa cements the regional identity in Greater Philadelphia – it’s as universal as being disappointed by our sports teams but actually is a positive experience.