Preston Peeks Into Surreal Worlds

Diane Pernet on HRN PRSTN
Heron Preston is a Junior Strategist at Naked Communications in NYC. He’s also a man with a video cam and a YouTube page full of bare insights.
Preston offers video interviews with Piers Fawkes of PSFK, Daniel Cherry of Wieden/NYC and Harry Bernstein of Berlin Cameron United, to name a few. Please watch them all. Having just done so, I’m struck by how exposed Preston’s subjects are. It’s as if these are scripted vignettes by a protégé of Christopher Guest, not biographical sketches. Perhaps, they are. Stranger things have happened on the internets.
[via Agency Spy]

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  1. Your Christopher Guest comment is very apt, David. I’m not sure either, after watching them, who the joke is on.
    Agency Spy certainly seemed to think it was on Bernstein, but I wonder if there’s something else going on here and we just haven’t figured it out yet.

  2. It seems like there is, but then I remember that reality is often quite a bit stranger than fiction.

  3. I hear you David.
    But then the question is what’s this guy Heron trying to prove by going around getting these people to make fools of themselves on YouTube?

  4. Bernstein definitely comes off as totally douchey.

  5. these were a series of video interviews i did during my senior year in college. i was not quite sure where i wanted to work after college or what i wanted to do, so i took a peek into the worlds of some diff. people around me, hoping to get a better look into what they did for a living. i wanted to share the videos with my peers (other college students), because most of us were clueless with what we wanted to do after school. so my job, as i saw it, was to inspire and educate my readers. diane is my favorite! i love her.

  6. Thanks Heron. It’s always good to hear from the source.