Pay Attention, This Post Is Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Are you having a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand? Lots of people are. After all, this screen isn’t one big distraction, it’s a million little distractions all piled up on top of each other.
But guess what? It’s not that the big of a deal. Not when it’s your job to come up with creative ideas.
According to The Wall Street Journal, scientists have begun to outline the surprising benefits of not paying attention.

…researchers have found a surprising link between daydreaming and creativity–people who daydream more are also better at generating new ideas. Other studies have found that employees are more productive when they’re allowed to engage in “Internet leisure browsing.”
According to the scientists, the inability to focus helps ensure a richer mixture of thoughts in consciousness. Because these people struggled to filter the world, they ended up letting everything in. They couldn’t help but be open-minded.

So there you go. Now back to Facebook, Twitter, your gaming station, streaming radio and ultimately the work that needs to be done.

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