SONIC Puts Its Chin On The Line


SONIC is out with a new social media campaign from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. The new #AmazeYourMouth campaign benefits from the comedic talent of SONIC’s iconic Two Guys, Peter Grosz and T.J. Jagodowski, along with John Lutz of 30 Rock and Second City stars Chelsea Devantez and Carisa Barreca. In addition, SONIC partnered with Vine […]

Designer/Archeologist Restores Old Outdoor Ads (To Something Beyond Their Former Glory)


According to Portland Monthly, 3D designer Craig Winslow has turned a yearlong creative residency with Adobe into a fascinating new art project. Using a technique called projection mapping, Winslow takes clues from ghost ads on city walls and recreates the original ads on his computer to scale. Then he projects them back onto the wall. […]

Multi-Cultural California Ready To Weigh In

California Flag Bear

On Tuesday, millions of California voters will put a cap on the 2016 primary season. The Golden State’s total voter registration now stands at 17,915,053. That’s the largest number ever registered heading into a primary election. According to Los Angeles Times, California’s voter rolls grew by almost 650,000 in the final six weeks of registration. […]

Saying Goodbye

After 11 years and 8 months, it is time for a change. I’m stepping down as Publisher of today and leaving it in the capable hands of our co-founder and editor, David Burn. David has been mostly hands-off for the past few years, in order to focus on building his content practice, but has recently […]

Find Your Park

"AUSTIN, TX - MAY 03:  National Park Foundation celebrates National Park Service centennial and Find Your Park movement with kick off Park Exchange Event Series at The University of Texas at Austin with Andy Roddick on May 3, 2016 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for National Park Foundation )"

The National Park Service turns 100 on August 25, 2016. To encourage a new generation of visitors to the parks, Grey NY created the following “Find Your Park” campaign.

Legal Cannabis Is A Massive Opportunity for Marketing and Media Pros

Formula 420

Legal cannabis—medical and recreational—is a burgeoning opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs like retailers and growers. It’s also a wide open opportunity for the larger ecosystem that supports this industry, including design shops, ad agencies, and media organizations. I recently had dinner with an account executive in Portland and asked him who was knocking on his shop’s […]

Americans Have Lost Their Voice; Citi Exploits Said Weakness for Financial Gain


Do you feel that people around you are polite, but in a weirdly dismissive way? It’s okay, we all do. I don’t know that viewers of this campaign will trust Citi to say what they mean, and do what they say. Nevertheless, I do like the campaign as it taps the right vein, connecting basic […]

Tune In To The 2016 Radio Mercury Awards

Radio Mercury 2016

As a copywriter, you have to appreciate radio advertising, when it’s well done. After all, it’s the writer’s medium. As a connoisseur of well-made radio, you also want to thank 2016 Radio Mercury Awards for honoring outstanding radio each year, and for gathering 101 compelling radio spots in one place. “At the heart of a […]