Grain Belt’s New Lager Gets The Colle & McVoy Treatment

Grain Belt 3

Inspired by the Mississippi River and the hard working lock and dam system that powered the original Grain Belt brewery, this new brew combines old-world techniques with a hint of hops to bring the traditional American lager into the 21st century. Design and packaging from Colle + McVoy in Minneapolis. Grain Belt is now made […]

Don’t Let Managing Your Employees Stifle the Creative Process

How do you manage employees in a professional manner without stifling creativity? What’s more, how do you do it without sacrificing payroll, taxes and all the other things necessary to run an optimal business? The key is to do three things: First, use the right systems to run your business. Second, hire the right talent. […]

How to Track Your e-Commerce Business Performance Efficiently & Benefit from Analytics?

Online marketing techniques and standards are constantly changing. Something that seemed extremely innovative last year, becomes obsolete today, giving place to the brand new digital engagement experience. If you are a web-store owner, you have to live with this harsh reality, whether you like it or not. In order to survive and lead your e-Commerce […]

Matching the Person to the Job is Vital to Your Company’s Performance

Have you ever wondered why companies take so long to hire someone? It’s because the decision to hire is not something that should be taken lightly. Not only does hiring the wrong person mean that they’ll have to go back to the drawing board, it can essentially drain time and money. Utilize Several Resources Most […]

How to Scrub Your Online Reputation, Without Looking Like a Jerk

In the early days of your brand or business, there will be success and there will be failures. Part of establishing yourself as a marketable entity is going through the gauntlet of public opinion. It must be something instinctive in people; there seems to be a lot of people who delight in taking shots at […]

How To Improve Your Small Retail Business’s Cash Flow

Cashflow is more about regularity than amount. What you want is money going out of the business at about the same rate as it comes in. If your money goes out too quickly, you may find yourself with a shortfall even if you are expecting more money later that would cover it. If it goes […]

How to Shoot and Upload Videos for PowerPoint Presentations

If you’re looking for a way to improve stale PowerPoint presentations and make a memorable impression, using video in your slides is a great solution. But the technicalities of shooting a video and transferring it into PowerPoint put many people off, and the cost of hiring a film crew, actors, and a post-production studio to […]