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Free Wi-Fries!

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Enough Caffeine Will Light You Up

McDonald’s does do a lot of interesting outdoor executions. Here’s a lamp post from downtown Vancouver, courtesy of agency Cossette Post. Hat tip to Direct Daily.

Double Quarter Pounder With IMEEM

I’ve been hunting tracks on IMEEM, the soc net for music and video lovers, of late. As such, I sometimes see things I otherwise wouldn’t have. Things like this: When you click the McAd, it opens a stream of pop songs. When you land on that page another McAd is there to greet you and […]

A Cup Of Smack Talk

In Seattle, right near Starbucks’ headquarters, McDonald’s makes it very plain how they feel: From The The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Earlier this year, McDonald’s started to promote the launch of espresso drinks in the Seattle market. Will Starbucks respond in kind? Unlikely. While the coffee wars received much media and Wall Street trumpeting this year, […]

Dan Wieden Talks Howard Schultz Into Running National TV

“By its very nature, national advertising fuels fears about ubiquity,” Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO said over a decade ago. With Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds competing for his customers, Mr. Schultz is singing a new tune. One he learned from Dan Wieden. “We need to recognize that the category is evolving,” Mr. Schultz told analysts on […]

Caption It #23

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Go Elsewhere Spendthrifts

Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger cracks me up. Here’s what the fast food industry playbook for 2007 appears to be: let’s just all do weird shit. BK did it first with Subservient, so let’s copy them, right? Maybe some of it will work. Maybe some of it won’t. Doesn’t matter. Let’s just try […]

McDonald’s Burger King

“We train more people than the U.S. Army.” -Karen King, McDonald’s USA’s East division president According to Ad Age, Karen King joined McDonald’s 30 years ago in Lawrenceville, Ga. Today she manages some 5,000 restaurants, comprising 36% or $10 billion of revenue for the domestic system. Today she’s also the star of a new ad […]

Smells Like Egg Sandwich: Starbucks Stinks

French novelist Marcel Proust wrote a famous series of autobiographical novels called In Search of Lost Time (or Rememberance of Things Past) in which the sense of smell, among others, triggers vivid, emotional memories and unconscious associations. What Proust understood as a writer, Long Horn Steak House and bagel shops understand as marketers: aroma is […]

Iowa Writer’s Workshop Grad Deconstructs McDonald’s TV

It’s been a long while since I clicked by Cup of Chicha, a site I used to frequent. I certainly did not expect to find advertising criticism. But I did. Here it is: With “The Pinky,” my name for McDonalds’ latest TV ad campaign, advertising’s fascination with the hipster lifestyle comes to its final vulgar […]