Finally, A PDF That Pays

From Kottke: 37signals has published their latest book, Getting Real, as a PDF download that they are distributing themselves. After more than a day, they’ve sold over 1750 copies at $19 apiece: If you do the math, that’s ~$33,000 in sales in one day. I don’t know what the advance would be on a book […]

Vodka’s Creation Story

From Thinktopia: Smirnoff was created by Piotr Aresenyevich Smirnov, who was able to take raw vodka and filter it into through silver birch tree charcial and create a potable drink. While peasants were still filling buckets of their hard stuff, Smirnov’s refined vodka was smooth and imminently drinkable. When the Czar tried it and liked […]

Adventures Of Kling Kong

One look at Jeff Kling, and you know the guy rages. What might not be as readily apparent is the fact he is also a man with a fancy position in advertising–executive creative director at Euro RSCG/New York, to be exact. A search of the Way Back Machine, reveals an interesting Willamette Week story recounting […]

If It Were Only True

Strange New Products helped introduce hangover helper, Security Feel Better, last fall. According to their report, SFB has a distinctive pear flavor, and comes in a 30ml bottle, small enough to carry in a coat pocket, handbag, or glove compartment. The manufacturer, PPN SA, says that after drinking a full 30ml bottle, consumers can expect […]

A McKinsey-Like Droga

We last looked at David Droga on August 23rd, after he stepped down as worldwide creatice director at Publicis–kind of a bold move for a 37-year old. The Feb. issue of Creativity catches up with him. I’ve become obsessed with producing doing work that doesn’t necessarily start with a given template. I love traditional advertising […]

Boing Boing Bounced

How Are You Adjusting?

From Ad Age: What if ordinary TV viewers went from watching commercials to creating them? We’re about to find out. Sony Electronics, Toyota Motor Sales USA and L’Oreal Paris have cut deals with Al Gore’s Current TV that will usher the beleaguered 30-second spot into the age of consumer-generated content and send shivers down the […]

Don’t Quote Me, But…

Rumor and innuendo are hardly the province of gossip rags, online or off. For instance, Chicago Sun Times advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, loves to quote unnamed sources. He relies heavily on them for his piece on Marhsall Ross, appearing in the paper today. The search is on. After coming up empty in several recent big […]