I Can’t Tatse My Beer

Miller Brewing with the help of Y+R Chicago has launched what may be the best ad campaign currently on air. Even Lewis Lazare likes it. Taking a page from the pharmaceutical advertising handbook–which consistently spawns some of the worst advertising on TV–Y+R makes fun of both Bud and Viagra-style ads all at the same time. […]

Sundance Celebs Tussle With The Po Po

from Salt Lake Tribune: Famed fashion photographer and filmmaker David LaChapelle was arrested outside a club in Park City early Saturday morning after a confrontation with police. Star Magazine says Nikki and Paris Hilton were seen outside the Marquee trying to defend LaChapelle from the officers.

Famous Man Of Letters Blames Interruption Marketing For Many Of Our Ills

The Sunday newspaper insert, Parade, asked Norman Mailer, “If you could do one thing to change America for the better, what would it be?” Mailer said, “If the desire to read diminishes, so does one’s ability to read. The search for a culprit does not have to go far. The constant interruption of concentration on […]

Take This Blog And Shove It

Yesterday, I attended Blog Walk 6.0, a conference of sorts, where sixteen bloggers from across the U.S. and Europe arranged themselves in small open space groupings to discuss a wide variety of topics. How to make money from blogging was one hot topic we explored. The dawn of corporate blogs was another. Naturally, the purists […]

Fear And Self-Loathing On The Ad Campaign Trail

Steve Hall of Adrants feels bad for Danny Kaster, and by extension all of us ad schmucks. He writes: “While it’s known the producers of The Apprentice get sadistic pleasure out of editing contestants into idiots, it was still embarrassing to see a fellow industry professional get chopped up and fed to the nation as […]

Money Men Apologize For Predecessors Crimes Against Humanity

from Chicago Tribune: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. on Thursday filed a disclosure statement with the City of Chicago acknowledging that two of its predecessor banks had received thousands of slaves as collateral before the Civil War. The New York-based bank apologized for contributing to “a brutal and unjust institution” and said it was setting […]

Advertainment For Conservation’s Sake (Now That’s Rare)

Rising human population pressure is a leading cause of biodiversity loss around the world. But untangling the complex web of social, cultural and economic factors that contribute to this pressure is no easy task for conservationists. For Rare and their partners, taking to the radio waves with an innovative entertainment-education program has been an important […]

I’m Not A Product Development Specialist, But I Play One On TV.

from Ny Times: Talk about fast food. The sandwich developed for Burger King by the winning team on the episode of “The Apprentice” that ran last night on NBC will go on sale today at 7,800 restaurants around the county. The sandwich, a variation on the Angus Steak Burger introduced by Burger King last year, […]

Corporate Captains Float The Bill

from AdAge: In a what has become a quadrennial custom, a newly elected president of the U.S. will be inaugurated today amid celebrations largely funded by marketers, media companies and other corporations that routinely lobby in high government offices. Bristol-Myers Squibb, ChevronTexaco, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, Pfizer, Aflac, Home Depot, Bank of America, Time Warner, Altria, […]

Celebrating Celebrity Knows No Bounds

Thanks to Preshrunk for the pointer.