Puritans Opt Out

from NY Times: There are, it seems, subscribers who dislike Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue. They do not want to see it and they certainly do not want it sent to them. They view the sensuous lounging of supermodels in expensive bikinis as alien to the mission of a weekly sports magazine. The anti-swimsuit-issue backlash […]

Apple/Pepsi Team Up Again For Free Music

It appears Apple and Pepsi are teaming up once again for a free music promotion. Last year’s promotion was fraught with bottle distribution problems and resulted in only 5 million of the 100 million tunes being redeemed. The new promotion doubles the tunes to 200 million and will be featured on bottles of Pepsi, Diet […]

Who’s Your Party Buddy?

Thinking of going out for a few drinks in New York City tonight? “For the average person, gaining entry to a Manhattan night club can be an exquisite form of cruelty. There’s the velvet rope that separates the hip from the hoi polloi. There’s the seething crowd waving worthless invitations and begging for admittance. There’s […]

When Dogs Fly

from LA Times: Midwest Airlines is focusing on four-footed customers in hopes of wooing more of the two-footed kind. The Midwest Air Group Inc. unit announced a program Monday that gives pets a free round-trip ticket for every three domestic round-trip flights they take with their owners. By contrast, Midwest’s human passengers get free round […]

Rock Mag Quibbles Over Truth In Tagline

According to USA Today, The nation’s largest Bible publisher, seeking to reach “spiritually intrigued 18- to 34-year-olds,” has stumbled over an unexpected rock: Rolling Stone. The magazine rejected Zondervan’s Bible ad just weeks before its scheduled run date, citing an unwritten policy against accepting ads containing religious messages. The ad carries the slogan: “Timeless truth. […]

Content By Design

Writing in the current issue of Communication Arts, Sam McMillan looks at today

Ads Make Their Way Into RSS

from Silicon Beat: Now that the use of RSS aggregators is really starting to take off, people are peering into the question of market share. Which aggregator is the favorite among users

Kids Can Do No. 2 (With A Little Help From P&G)

from NY Times: Looking for new ways to expand their businesses, makers of the two top diaper brands, Huggies and Pampers, are both introducing lines of toiletries for babies and small children. Pampers, made by Procter & Gamble, the No. 2 diaper brand in the United States with 30.5 percent of the market, is now […]

Bayless Buffaloed On National TV

Last night on Food Network’s “Iron Chef” Chicago’s Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill & Topolobampo, went down hard to Bobby Flay of New Yawk in what many consider to be questionable judging. The secret ingedient for this episode was buffalo, and everyone knows Bayless can cook him some buffalo. Chicagoist for one, was hoping to […]

Wine Generously Poured Into Highly Palatable Film

Sideways, the new film from Alexander Payne, won several Golden Globes last night. I’ll leave the artistic judgments to more qualified voices, but allow me to point out how well this film markets wine, and specifically Santa Barbara County wineries like Firestone, Foxen, Fess Parker and Kalyra. Actually, the lead character Miles, an ornery oenophile, […]