What Are We Feeding Our Young?

You know you’re old when you find it necessary to take up Sir Paul’s cause. And I’m not even from his generation, but the next. One of the Adfreakers, Mark Dolliver to be exact, posted in favor of Sir Paul’s Super Bowl halftime performance, as I did here a few days ago. Imagine my chagrin […]

Listening In On Microbrands. Hook It Up!

LA Times is running a piece on the return of internet radio. Since I listen to internet radio every day (I’m near a computer), I hadn’t realized the medium had gone away. In fact, I’m still discovering new stations all the time. Just last week, thanks to Bret Dougherty, I found WXYC in Chapel Hill […]

Word Of Mouse

“You know what killed the first crop of stupid $100 million Internet consumer service startups? Advertising. They all believed that they need to spend millions to build a brand.

Wal-Mart Frames The Message To Perfection

Cal Berkeley linguist, George Lakoff, talks eloquently about how politicians frame their messaging to achieve intended results. Those of us in the ad biz also know a little something about the practice of framing. For a great example of framing, let’s look at Wal-Mart. The world’s largest retailer is running a documentary-style TV spot right […]

Forget Michael Jackson. This Is The Trial To Keep An Eye On.

Where’s Geraldo? Where’s Court TV? Doesn’t matter. I’m glued to Adweek’s play-by-play coverage of the trial of Shona Seifert and Thomas Early, two former Ogilvy executives accused of fraud and conspiracy in an attempt to make up a $3 million revenue shortfall by overbilling the government on the Office of National Drug Control Policy account. […]

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

from AdAge: Intelliseek of Cincinnati, a market research company, monitored 40 blogs during the Super Bowl to measure which ads were likely to generate the most buzz or controversy the day after the game. “As for building buzz,” said Intelliseek’s marketing chief, Pete Blackshaw, “they’ve done a great job, but for a lot of people, […]

Napster Does The Math

From the looks of it, Napster put all their money in to the Super Bowl media buy. Their spot consisted primarily of camera card with two juxtaposed equations–probably not a good idea in a party atmosphere, since equations require concentration. At any rate, the “picture math” basically made the argument that iTunes is expensive and […]

Sir Paul Rock God

The NFL has come a long way in one year. They cut the Cheeze Whiz from the halftime menu and went with a live mini-concert from a rock legend, who obviously still rocks the house, or the world as the case may be. Sir Paul opened his four-song set with “Drive My Car” right into […]

Brand Loyalty Increasingly Questioned In Redmond

Schools have been banning text messaging devices and camera phones in an effort to curb cheating among students. Could digital music players be next? If you work for Microsoft and routinely sport an iPod on the Redmond, WA corporate campus, such a ban may not be far off. According to Wired 80% of the Softies […]

Mock Mystery Solved

Thanks to Adfreak for clearing up the whole iwantmyvacation.com thing. Los Angeles agency davidandgoliath is running prime time TV for a brand that never gets mentioned in the spots. The web address is all viewers have to go on, and this viewer has been too busy of late to properly look into it. After a […]