Over-The-Rhine And Under The Radar

Few people in the ad biz really think of Cincinnati as an marketing hub, but it is. The hometown of Procter & Gamble is known for its overall conservatism, but it has spawned a number of fun and funky advertising, branding and design shops such as The Creative Department.
To celebrate this history, a new museum is being created. The Business Courier of Cincinnati has more:

Digital marketing guru Pete Blackshaw wants to establish a museum that would chronicle Cincinnati’s role in the development of the advertising industry.
It’s still at an early stage. But plans call for the Cincinnati Museum of Advertising to focus on the branding and product-design capabilities that flourished here, thanks to steady work from companies like Procter & Gamble Co., Crosley Corp., U.S. Playing Card Co. and Kenner Products.
“Clearly, Procter played an unmistakable role in the transition from radio to television and, now, television to digital,” said Blackshaw, executive vice president for Nielsen Online Digital Services. “When you tell people that advertising started here, particularly people from the coasts, at first they don’t believe you. But there’s no spin here, no hyperbole. It’s true.”

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  1. p & g
    kroger(is it still the no 2 retailer in america) and all its various named affiliates
    the big banana Chiq
    plus it’s a very nice place to live. I have very,very fond memories of that (greater cincy area) place.

  2. My friend Matt works at Bridge Worldwide and my friend Tara works at Marsh, both in Cincinnati. It’s clearly a marketing epicenter with P&G as a foundational rock. Anytime you have that kind of business presence in a city related enterprises tend to sprout up between the cracks.